Fable reboot: Trailers, developer & everything we know about Fable 4

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A Fable reboot will soon bring Peter Molyneux’s colorful creation back for a new era, so here’s everything we know about our return to Albion. 

Announced all the way back in 2020, Fable’s next chapter is still shrouded in secrecy and is being developed far away from prying eyes.

Following the folding of Lionhead Studios in 2016, the future of the franchise looked uncertain. Things looked particularly bleak after Fable Legends failed to materialize on the Xbox One, leading many to believe that Fable was gone forever.

Now, however, a Fable reboot has been confirmed as being in development. Here’s everything we know so far.


fable xbox series x s new gen frog eating fairy
Doesn’t he look… adorable – wait, is that a leg?

Fable reboot: Latest news

During an interview at PAX West, Xbox exec Matt Booty revealed that progress is being made with Fable and that Playground Games are introducing “a lot of cool stuff” to the franchise.

However, he’s not allowed to show it off yet since “the team has made it very clear that [Booty is] not going to be able to show anything until it’s ready.”

While this does suggest that the game will be in the making for a few more years, it also brings the first bit of news many have seen about the game for a long time.

The interview also highlighted that while the choice to make Playground Games the developer was a “head-scratcher”, Matt Booty has reassured that the match is successful, saying they have “proven that they get it” when it comes to creating a game as anticipated as Fable.

Fable made another appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event, where fans got another cinematic trailer with the first bits of gameplay sprinkled in.

Does the Fable reboot have a release date?

So far, there is no set release date for the latest installment in the Fable franchise.

Given that the only trailer we’ve seen so far is an announcement trailer, we can likely expect the game to hit shelves in 2023 at the very earliest.

Fable reboot: Platforms

While very little is known so far, just as with its predecessors Fable’s reboot will be a Microsoft exclusive game, meaning that it will only be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Additionally, it’ll likely follow in the footsteps of fellow exclusive and Playground-developed game, Forza Horizon 5, and be available on Xbox Game Pass from release.

Fable trailers

Announcement Trailer

First debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020, this short clip provides a window into the wonderful world of Albion.

Promising a “world filled with stories of legendary heroes and treacherous villains, fantastical creatures and wonderous places” the trailer showcases an adorable Tinkerbell-inspired fairy taking to the spectacular blue skies of a magical world. However, it doesn’t exactly end well for her.

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 trailer

Fable got another cinematic trailer, mixed with bits of gameplay, during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event, The trailer featured British writer, actor, and comedian Richard Aoyade.

Aoyade, as Dave the Vegetable Enthusiast, waxes on about heroes, while we see footage of what may very well be the game’s main protagonist.

Eventually, our heroine runs into Dave, who’s revealed to be a giant. After attacking the mysterious hero the trailer ends on a cliffanger before we get to see their fate.

The trailer’s description reads: “What does it mean to be a Hero? Well, in the fairytale land of Albion, that is entirely up to you. With a dark threat looming, and in a world where your reputation precedes you, your choices will change Albion forever.”

So that’s everything we know about the Fable reboot.

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