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Everything we know about the next Skate: Platforms, trailers, leaks, more

Published: 21/Apr/2022 7:00 Updated: 21/Apr/2022 1:06

by Nick Farrell


After years of fan demands, EA will finally release a new game in the Skate franchise. Here’s all we know about Skate 4.

Following on from the resurgence of the Tony Hawk franchise, EA finally confirmed that a new Skate game is in development at EA Play in June 2020. The game will mark the franchise’s first entry in over a decade, with Skate 3 launching in May 2010.

Since then, things have been a little quiet, outside of confirmation that the developer behind the series revival, Full Circle, is made up of franchise and industry veterans.

We’ve collected all we know about Skate 4 on this page, but be sure to check back for regular updates as we hear more.



Skate gameplay
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Skate 4 is currently in early development with no release date locked in.

Is there a Skate release date?

There is currently no release date locked in for the next title in the Skate franchise, a game which most are referring to as Skate 4.

Although a sequel is confirmed to be in development, outside of the announcement itself and a few brief teasers, EA has kept mostly everything under wraps for now.

Skate 4 trailers

With Skate 4 still in early development, we’re yet to see any proper gameplay. Though the devs have provided a few separate teasers over the past few months.

First came the announcement itself during EA Play in 2021. This quick video revealed little more than the fact a new Skate title is in the works.


A year of silence followed before we got our next update on the project, with a teaser arriving in July 2021.


We’re yet to receive official confirmation as to which platforms Skate 4 will be available on – outside of one in particular.

EA confirmed that the upcoming Skate title will be launching on PC, a first for the franchise. Otherwise, details are scarce, but it seems safe to assume it’ll come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.

As for last-gen hardware, we couldn’t say, but given release could still be a year or two away we’d be surprised if the game arrived on Xbox One or PS4.


News & leaks

The original announcement video for the next Skate title revealed EA’s new development studio known as “Full Circle.” This team of veteran devs and skating enthusiasts will be building the future Skate experience from the ground up.

It’s worth remembering that even at this point in time, we still have no idea if the game will keep the Skate name, be a reboot for the franchise, or even be called something completely different.

After months of relative silence, alleged Skate 4 gameplay leaked on April 20. This footage reportedly comes from a pre-Alpha build of the game, as evidenced by a lack of finalized textures, UI, and the like.


While litter can be discerned from this brief clip, many character animations are already in place, and various tricks appear functional including both those on and off the board.