Disney Dreamlight Valley Dec 6 update patch notes: Steam Deck, item drop & performance changes

Missions in Uncharted Space Disney Dreamlight Valley PatchGameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley has included a number of patches, performance improvements, and bug fixes in the new “Missions in Uncharted Space” update. The patch comes alongside the next Season of the early access game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have already had plenty of adventures in the early access, slice-of-life game, and a new season is just around the corner.

Thankfully, the game has already received several updates to balance quests and improve performance, but the next patch appears to focus on creating an even smoother experience.

Below is everything players can expect to see in the December 6 “Missions in Uncharted Space” patch update, and how it will improve gameplay in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Major performance updates in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s December 6 patch

While this patch comes alongside the new “Missions in Uncharted Space” season, it doesn’t cut corners on significant improvements. According to the official patch notes on the Disney Dreamlight Valley website, the game is now fully compatible with the Steam Deck.

Additionally, it has received optimization improvements for all platforms, with a specific emphasis on the Nintendo Switch. This is excellent news for players experiencing crashes or major lagging when attempting to play.

The notes also indicate that loading times have been reduced and that specific VFX for things like withered plants have been removed to improve stability.

Players will also find a better balance of wood drops across biomes, as well as improvements to shop inventories for a better selection of needed crafting items.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley December 6 Patch Notes

Disney Dreamlight Valley crop growth timeDisney / Gameloft
Players will experience less lag in Disney Dreamlight Valley when planting large gardens.

Improvements & Optimization

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley is now compatible with the Steam Deck
    • Now Verified by Steam
  • Optimized stability for all platforms with a focus on the Nintendo Switch
  • Updated Fireplace interactions have been added for winter
  • Kristoff’s store now carries a larger range of items including Iron Ingots
  • Wood spawns across all biomes have been overhauled for more consistency.
  • Critters in all biomes can now be fed multiple times a day
  • Loading times reduced on all platforms
  • Game installation size has been reduced
  • Asset loading improvements
  • Optimization to prevent frame rate drops
  • Improved memory usage for large gardens
  • Removal of “dried plant” VFX to improve performance
  • Optimized various VFX for better performance.
  • Fixed memory leaks causing crashes
  • Improved Furniture Edit Mode.

Bug Fixes

  • All avatars have the same animation speeds.
  • Critter fix to ensure befriended animals appear on the Collection menu
  • Avatars will now always look at the camera in Selfie Mode
  • Fixed soft-lock when selecting “Return to Title Screen”
  • Collection menu now registers new resources correctly
  • “A Deal With Ursula” quest fixed: Dark Crustal should now complete the quest.
  • “Photo Fervor” quest fixed: The Elephant Graveyard can now be properly photographed
  • “The Dreamlight Fountain” quest fix: The Celebration Ribbon will now be recognized when placed by the fountain
  • “Part of His World” quest fix: Players with a blocker will now have the Nautilus consumable back in the inventory.
  • “Peacemakers” quest fix: improved palm tree spawns to reduce the chance of Leader Shards getting stuck.

That is everything players will find in the December 6 “Missions in Uncharted Space” update patch for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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