Diablo Immortal’s Blood Knight class revealed: Abilities, release date, more

Carver Fisher
Diablo Immortal blood knight class

For the first time since release, Diablo Immortal is adding a new class to the game. Blood Knight is the first new class in the Diablo series since Diablo 3 and is a hybrid melee/ranged class with vampiric theming.

Though Diablo Immortal’s monetization practices have been controversial, many of those who have played the game enjoyed its actual gameplay. The game has continued to receive updates for the remaining playerbase.

Despite Diablo 4 heating up with Season 1 on the horizon, Diablo Immortal players are still excited about the title’s upcoming class, Blood Knight. This vampiric class is a new look for the series and has fans excited for something fresh.

Here’s everything we know about the Blood Knight, so far:

When is the Blood Knight’s release date in Diablo Immortal?

The Blood Knight will come to Diablo Immortal on July 13, 2023. The Blood Knight has had over 2000 voice lines recorded, many of which are to give them their unique ways of responding to and traversing Diablo Immortal’s main storyline.

Is the Blood Knight free?

Yes, the Blood Knight will be part of a free update for all users. Neither existing nor new players will have to pay to play this character, and the class will be available to all on launch day. Additionally, there’s a limited-time event where people will get to try out Blood Knight in the late game without having to go for a full class change.

Blood Knight abilities

According to the developer livestream, the Blood Knight will be a hybrid ranged/melee class with some major AoE damage. The class is heavily built around the polearm, a mid-range melee weapon, and has a ton of options in combat from sapping opponents’ strength to CCing enemies before pummeling them into paste.

Blood Knights can also transform into an abomination, gaining a new set of abilities through the duration of the transformation.

The Blood Knight was revealed alongside Diablo 4’s first season, the Season of the Malignant. With a new class coming to the mobile game and a ton of updates coming to Diablo 4, fans of the series are excited about what’s on the horizon in both games.

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Trailer

The Blood Knight has been ushered in with a cinematic trailer that gives players an idea of what they can expect from the newest class.

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