Best Diablo 4 Druid builds for leveling, endgame & PvP in Season 4

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best druid build diablo 4

Diablo 4‘s Druid is a force of nature that calls on the spirits of animals and the natural world to aid them in battle. Here are the best Druid builds for leveling, endgame, and PvP in Diablo 4 Season 4.

The Druid in Diablo 4 Season 4 is a returning class from the expansion of Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Resurrected. While not as physically imposing as the Barbarian, the Druid is still a powerful melee fighter. Their main skills involve using the powers of nature to do their bidding.

The Druid is for players who want a strong and powerful battlemage, but one that also has some unique spells that can differentiate the class from the more standard casters. They can burn enemies with scorching spells, but just as easily turn into a werewolf and rip demons asunder with their claws.

However, there is more than one way to play as the Druid in Diablo 4, as the class comes with a variety of builds. Picking the right one for you is important if you’re going to survive the hordes of Hell.

Here are the best Druid builds in Diablo 4 in the current meta for leveling, endgame, and PvP during Season 4.


Druid Diablo 4
The Druid is nature’s chosen warrior against evil.

Best Druid leveling build

The best Druid leveling build in Diablo 4 Season 4 is the Pulverize Druid, an A-Tier build that not only shreds in leveling, it also gets some love in endgame and PvP.

Of course, the build mostly makes use of the Druid skill Pulverize – but this is just the backbone of the build. It also makes use of the Druid’s shapeshifting abilities for maximum carnage!

Here’s how to assemble the Pulverize Druid build in Diablo 4 Season 4:

4Enhanced Pulverize
5Fierce Wind Shear
6Primal Pulverize
11Heart of the Wild
12Poison Creeper
13Enhanced Poison Creeper
14Ferocious Poison Creeper
18Enhanced Trample
19Savage Trample
21Earthen Bulwark
22Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
23Preserving Earthen Bulwark
28Grilly Rage
29Prime Grizzly Rage
30Supreme Grizzly Rage
35Ursine Strength
38Ancestral Fortitude
39Ancestral Fortitude
40Ancestral Fortitude
41Poison Creeper
42Poison Creeper
43Poison Creeper
44Poison Creeper
45Wild Impusles
46Wild Impulses
47Wild Impulses
48Predatory Instinct
49Crushing Earth
50First Paragon point
1 – RenownCrushing Earth
2 – RenownCrushing Earth
3 – RenownSafeguard
4 – RenownSafeguard
5 – RenownSafeguard
6 – RenownPredatory Instinct
7 – RenownStone Guard
8 – RenownStone Guard
9 – RenownStone Guard
10 – RenownWild Impulses

Spirit Boons

The Druid’s Spirit Boons are unique skills to them. For this build, select the following:

  • Wolf Spirit: ‍Packleader
  • Eagle Spirit: ‍Scythe Talons
  • Snake Spirit: ‍Obsidian Slam
  • Deer Spirit: ‍Wariness

Legendary Aspects

While there are many great Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power that will help this build, there are three in particular that you need to prioritize for this build. Here’s what they are and where to find them:

  • Umbral – (Champion’s Demise, Dry Steppes)
  • Quicksand – (Feral’s Den – Scosglen)
  • Ursine Horror – (Belfry Zakara, Hawezar) – Combine with the above two Aspects for best results
  • Mending Stone – (Sealed Archives, Dry Steppes)
  • Changeling’s Debt – (Conclave, Kehjistan)
  • Ghostwalker – (Broken Bullwark, Scosglen)
  • Disobedience – (Halls of the Damned, Kehjistan)

Each one will essentially buff your damage in various ways and make your build even more deadly.

We’d recommend not imprinting these Aspects on your weapons, as you’re likely to replace these many times on your Leveling journey. Instead, add offensive Aspects to your jewelry. This way, it can continue to serve you well into endgame.

druid gameplay diablo 4The Druid can turn into a werewolf or werebear!

Best Druid endgame build

Once you get past level 50 and have seen the ending of Diablo 4, things will ramp up as you’re pushed into the endgame. This means the build you used to reach this point may no longer be sufficient, and to make the most of the endgame content, you’ll need a build.

Remember, if you want to switch from the above leveling build to the below endgame build, you’ll need to respec your skill points. The below table will show you where to put them, but you’ll already have them unlocked and ready to be reallocated.

Here’s the best endgame Druid build in Diablo 4 Season 4, otherwise known as the Lightning Storm Druid, and the skills that need to respec to. 

Active Skills
Passive Skills
Lightning Storm (5 points, Enhanced, Primal)
Trample (Enhanced, Savage)
Bestial Rampage
Debilitating Roar (Enhanced, Preserving)
Defiance (3 points)
Ravens (Enhanced, Brutal)
Toxic Claws
Poison Creeper
Circle of Life (3 points)
Wind Shear (Enhanced)
Quickshift (3 points)
Nature’s Reach (3 points)
Heightened Senses (3 points)
Ancestral Fortitude
Vigilance (3 points)
Heart of the Wild
Wild Impulses (3 points)
Predatory Instinct
Iron Fur (3 points)
Digitigrade Gait (3 points)

Spirit Boons

The Druid’s Spirit Boons are unique skills to them. For this build, select the following:

  • Dear Spirit – Wariness
  • Eagle Spirit – Avain Wrath
  • Wold Spirit – Calamity
  • Snake Spirit – Masochistic

Select Eagle Spirt for your extra Boon with Iron Feather.

Paragon Board

At level 50 you’ll gain access to the Paragon Board to continue building your character to level 100. Here are the boards you need to focus on to maximize the potential of the best endgame Druid build:


Here are the Glyphs we’d recommend activating as your work through the Paragon board:

At Level 15:

  • ‍Exploit
  • ‍Earth and Sky
  • ‍Territorial
  • ‍Keeper
  • ‍Spirit
  • ‍Electrocution

From Level 21:

  • Keeper
  • ‍Earth and Sky
  • ‍Territorial
  • ‍Spirit
  • ‍Electrocution
  • ‍Exploit

Legendary Aspects

As this is an endgame build, it pays to unlock as many Legendary Aspects for the class as possible. Try to unlock these Aspects as soon as possible in Season 4 to take advantage of their buffs, as each will have its own use within an endgame build.

First, chase down the following Aspects:

  • Shepherd’s – Bloodsoaked Crag (Dry Steppes)
  • Retaliation – Seaside Descent (Dry Steppes)
  • ‍Inner Calm – Raethwind Wilds (Scosglen)
  • Overcharged – Mariner’s Refuge (Scosglen)
  • Edgemaster’s – Oldstones (Scosglen)
  • Disobedience – Halls of the Damned (Kehjistan)
  • Might – Dark Ravine (Dry Steppes)
  • Protector – Lost Archives (Fractured Peaks)
  • Wind Striker – Shivta Ruins (Kehjistan)

Buy the following Aspects by gambling Obols:

  • ‍Lightning Dancer’s
  • ‍Stampede
  • ‍Juggernaut’s

You can acquire the following Unqiues from farming bosses in Season 4:

  • Tempest Roar
  • ‍Unsung Ascetic’s Wraps
  • ‍Mad Wolf’s Glee

You’ll also be able to track down the various Gamble Totems from farming Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides.

Diablo 4 Willpower
The Druid returns from Diablo 2.

Endgame item build

Here are the items you should aim to equip for your endgame Druid build in Diablo 4:

Item nameItem type
‍Steadfast Hood of the Protector (Socket with Ruby)Helm
Steadfast Tunic of Might (Socket with Rubys)Chest Armor
Steadfast Gloves of Inner CalmGloves
Steadfast Pants of Disobedience (Socket with Rubys)Pants
Windstriker Steadfast BootsBoots
Shepherd’s Archon Staff (Socket with Sapphires)Main Hand
Amulet of Retaliation (Socket with Sapphire)Amulet
Edgemaster’s Band (Socket with Emerald)Ring 1
Overcharged Band (Socket with Amythist)Ring 2

Best Druid PvP build in Diablo 4

Just because a build works in PvE, it doesn’t mean it’s well-suited to battles against other players. This is where PvP builds come in. These are the best Diablo 4 builds for taking down other players using the skills available to the Druid.

The best PvP build for the Druid in the current meta is the Landslide Druid build. Here are the skills you’ll need:

Basic Skills:

  • Earth Spike (Fully upgrade)
  • Enhanced Earth Spike
  • Wild Earth Spike

Core Skills

  • Landslide (Fully upgrade)
  • Enhanced Landslide
  • Primal Landslide
  • Heart of the Wild (Fully upgrade)
  • Abundance (Fully upgrade)
  • Wild Impulses (Fully upgrade)

Defensive Skills:

  • Earthen Bulwark
  • Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
  • Preserving Earthen Bulwark

Companion Skills:

  • Poison Creeper
  • Enhanced Poison Creeper
  • Brutal Poison Creeper

Wrath Skills:

  • Hurricane (Fully upgrade)
  • Enhanced Hurricane,
  • Natural Hurricane
  • Trample (Fully upgrade)
  • Enhanced Trample
  • Savage
  • Savage Trample
  • Crushing Earth (Fully upgrade)
  • Safeguard (Fully upgrade)
  • Stone Guard (Fully upgrade)

Key Passive:

  • Earthern Might

Renown Points

  • Clarity x2
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Endless Tempest x3
  • Safeguard x3
  • Defiance x3

We’d also recommend using the Paragon boards and items from our endgame build. This will create the most powerful PvP Druid.

Don’t forget, Diablo 4 currently has five classes, including the Barbarian, Necromancer, Druid, Rogue, Sorcerer as well as our Diablo 4 tier list ranking all the builds this season.

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