Best Diablo Immortal Crusader builds for Season 28

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Crusader diablo immortal

The Crusader represents pure will and battle-hardened power in the Diablo series. Here are the best Diablo Immortal Crusader builds for Season 28.

The Crusader is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2’s Paladin class that made their debut in Diablo 3. A righteous warrior who defeats demons with holy zeal and pure strength of arms. The character class is not yet set to return in the upcoming Diablo 4 but there’s always time. Now the tanky Crusader returns in Diablo Immortal, a game available on mobile platforms and PC.

The question is though, with various weapon and faith-based skills at their disposal, which Crusader build should you choose in Diablo Immortal – and which are the most effective in Season 28? Below we’ll reveal the best Crusader builds in Diablo Immortal this Season, and how to craft them.

diablo immortal male crusader fighting demon
The Crusader believes they have right on their side, and that makes them even more dangerous in battle.

Is the Crusader right for me?

The Crusader is well suited to those who like the idea of easing into Diablo Immortal with a tank-like character, but who may want to indulge in some unique skill-based play later. While the Crusader appears to be an armor-clad, hammer-wielding tank, there’s a lot more to them.

Crusaders are very forthright, disciplined, and focused on their ideals. If you prefer your protagonists to be morally grey anti-heroes, then the Crusader might not be for you.

Yet in battle, the character class is smooth as silk and can deliver immense damage from afar and up close. They can also rush their opponents in ferocious charge moves that are great for crowd control and cutting through swathes of monsters.

If you want to smite your enemies with both strength of arms and unrelenting judgment, then the Crusader will be your character of choice.

Is the Crusader good this Season?

The Crusader is crushing it in Season 28 of Diablo Immortal, scoring an S rank in both PVE and PVP.

Here are the two best Crusader builds doing all the damage to Diablo’s monsters – and their fellow heroes.

Best Crusader Diablo Immortal build (Season 28)

First up is the best PVE Crusader build you can use in Diablo Immortal Season 28, the Draw and Quarter build which makes use of the Steed and Slaughter skill and a variety of others. Here’s how to put it together:


When leveling your Crusader for the Draw and Quarter build, focus your points primarily on Strength and Fortitude to build a powerful and hardy tank. Vitality is also essential to make sure you can withstand damage, so make sure this is sufficiently leveled too.

Willpower can also be leveled to increase your Potency and Resistances but focus your efforts on the above attributes. You can also largely ignore Intelligence.


For the Draw and Quarter build, level your Crusader is going to want to rely on the Draw and Quarter skill. However, this only unlocks at level 15. So until then, make good use of Punish as well as Spinning Shield.

Falling Sword unlocks at level 8 and this can be used to flesh out your skills somewhat, but only if you find it useful in battle.

This will be your bread and butter between now and level 15. However, at level 34 you should start using Sacred Fire instead of Punish.

You should also unlock Consecration at level 20 to add some more AoE damage to your arsenal. Then unlock Holy Banner at level 38 to buff your Crusader and their allies.


The gear you use can have a very positive impact on your Crusader’s skills, so you should seek out and equip the following gear.

  • Head – Many-Eyed Aegis
  • Shoulders – Sivket’s Advantage
  • Chest – Besieger
  • Legs – Bladed Jambeau
  • Main Weapon – Little Lance
  • Off Hand – Pavise of Ten Wings

When it comes to rings, amulets, and other gear, seek out the Windloft Perfection set. This will buff your attacks and enable you to ride your horse even faster.

Diablo Immortal crusader riding a horse
The Crusader can smite groups of enemies – while judging them as unworthy.

Diablo Immortal PVP Crusader build

If you’re choosing a Crusader to smite other players rather than the hordes of Hell, then you can still put the above build to good use.

Amazingly, The Draw and Quater build is just as effective in PVP as it is in PVE, which is exactly why the Crusader scores an S rank in both camps.

Be mindful of AoE attacks against other players though, use more focused attacks if you’re facing a solo player, as crowd control won’t be needed as often. For more information about this build check out this resource.

Remember to check out our Best builds for all character classes guide, tier lists, and Diablo Immortal Shadow War guide.

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