Best Diablo Immortal Necromancer Builds: Season 18

diablo immortal necromancer with skeletonsBlizzard Entertainment

Even Diablo and his minions can’t outrun the forces of death. Here are the best Diablo Immortal Necromancer builds for Season 18.

Making their debut in Diablo 2, the Necromancer has been a fan-favorite character class for over twenty years. The class relies on poison and bone spells but can also summon a horde of undead minions to do their bidding. While their place was largely taken by the equally fantastic and macabre Witch Doctor in Diablo 3, the Necromancer was brought back by popular demand in a major expansion. The character class is also set to return in the upcoming Diablo 4.

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Now, the death-dealing priests of Rathma return in Diablo Immortal, a game available on mobile platforms and PC. The question is though, with various bone and summoning spells at their disposal, which Necromancer build should you choose in Diablo Immortal – and which are the most effective in Season 18? Below we’ll reveal the best Necromancer builds in Diablo Immortal this Season, and how to craft them.


diablo immortal pale man necromancerBlizzard Entertainment
The Necromancer uses his mastery over the dead to slay Diablo’s minions.

Is the Necromancer right for me?

The Necromancer in Diablo Immortal is similar to the previous Necromancers we’ve seen in the Diablo series, however, due to the nature of Immortal’s gameplay, there are some significant changes.

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This class isn’t for those who want to use brute force to slay their enemies, instead, the Necromancer is essentially a mage that uses death itself as its primary weapon. This includes making corpses explode, bone spells, and cursing enemies with status ailments.

Although the main draw of the Necromancer is the summoning of undead minions to do your bidding. Necromancers can raise the dead to fight for them, sending them into the melee while they hang back and cast spells to either buff their underlings or to support them from a distance.

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The playstyle is not for everyone, but seeing your minions tear through Diablo’s forces while you gleefully raise more allies from fallen foes can be a very satisfying experience. It’s also great fun to play as Diablo’s resident anti-hero.

The Necromancer is a character class that understands that in order to save the world from the Lord of Terror, they’ll need to embrace the darkness and turn the forces of death into a weapon against the legions of Hell.

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Is the Necromancer good this season?

Yes, in Diablo Immortal Season 18, the Necromancer has been given an A rank in both PVE and PVP.

This falls slightly short of the top-tier S rank, but it means that the Necromancer still remains an excellent option as Season 18 of the game gets underway.

Necromancer gameplay diablo immortalBlizzard Entertainment
A Necromancer begins his journey in Diablo Immortal – Skeletons in tow.

Best Necromancer Diablo Immortal build

While there are a few Necromancer builds to choose from in Season 18, the traditional Summoner is the most effective one to use.

If you’re looking for a more PVP-focused character, then the Bone Spikes/Embalmer build may be better suited, but overall, the Summoner build gets the top spot.

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To create it, focus your attribute points on Intelligence and Vitality primarily, but also pump some points into Willpower and Fortitude. Strength is the least important stat for this build.


Your primary offensive skill for this Necromancer build is Soulfire. This will let you blast enemies from a distance while your minions tear them to shreds. So, not only is it a powerful offensive skill, it also helps you support your troops while staying away from danger.

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Your main support skills should consist of Command Skeletons and Corpse Explosion. The latter will allow you to make dead enemies explode, damaging all other monsters in the vicinity.

Command Skeletons will replenish your fallen bone warrior numbers and will direct them to a target of your choosing. Once commanded, your skeletons will charge the target and attack it until it dies. You can then use the skill again 8 seconds later after the cooldown.

You won’t need to use it every 8 seconds, it’s also not advisable, but the skill will help you control your minions, keeping them focused when you need to.

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Your secondary skills should go to Bone Armor and Command Golem. The first is simple, it creates a defensive barrier of bone around you that protects you from damage until it dissipates. This skill is especially useful towards the end of the game when enemies get much harder to kill and do way more damage. It unlocks at level 41 so you’ll need to wait a while to use it.

Command Golem summons a powerful monster to fight for you and your Golem will back up your skeletons in combat, making an effective team. This is the secret weapon of the build, but sadly, it doesn’t unlock until level 50.

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So, feel free to experiment with other skills, such as Skeletal Mage, until Command Golem and Bone Armor unlocks, but don’t forget to prioritize your other above skills until they do.


The best armor for this build is the Shepherds Call to Wolves set (including jewelry), as the most pieces of this set you have equipped, the more buffs your minions will get. It’s not the best set in terms of protection, but as this build is all about your minions, this is the route to take to maximize their effectiveness.

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As for your main weapon, look out for the Destolatoria as this will buff your Command Golem skill. For your off-hand item, select the Life in Balance item. This will buff your Command Skeletons skill, meaning all your minions get a boost from your weapons.

Diablo Immortal PVP Necromancer build

diablo immortal necromancerBlizzard Entertainment
Necromancers are feared by the people of Sanctuary, but they’re a useful ally against Diablo.

If you’re looking to use a Necromancer for PVP then there’s a build more suited to this than the traditional Summoner. This is the Bone Spikes Necromancer, otherwise known as the Embalmer build a death-dealing mage who’s much more adept at killing other Nephalem.

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Use the same attributes as the PVE build above, but focus on leveling the following skills:

  • Bone Spear (Primary skill)
  • Bone Spikes (Main support skill)
  • Bone Wall (Secondary support skill)
  • Corpse Lance (Secondary skill)
  • Wraith Form (Additional skill)

You can also use your Command Skeletons skill, but be aware, that most seasoned PVP players will take out your minions quickly. So it makes more sense to focus more on your own offensive capabilities.

However, if you’re at a high enough level, Command Golem can be a useful tool. Your Golem will take some of the attention away from your and will keep your opponent busy for a short while, giving you an opening to attack.

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As far as gear goes look to equip the following items:

  • Sacaral Chausses
  • Gravedirt’s Weight
  • Exhumant’s Backbone
  • Visitant’s Sign
  • Desolatoria
  • Pyre’s Allure

This gear should buff your main skills and give your bone spells a boost to maximize their damage output in PVP.

So there you have it, the best Necromancer builds in Diablo Immortal for Season 18.

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