Best Diablo 4 Necromancer builds for leveling, endgame & PvP in Season 3

Sourav Banik
best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4‘s Necromancer class is back to raise the undead and take down minions from afar. We’ve put together the best Necromancer builds for leveling, endgame, and PvP in Season 3 to maximize your undead damage output.

The Necromancer has always been the most macabre class in Diablo, and that’s no different in Diablo 4. Like all the character classes in the game, such as the Barbarians and Sorcerers, the Necromancer is one that many long-time players already know and love. They can inflict damage from long-range and from up close with a range of bone and spirit spells, but the main draw of the best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4 is utilizing a horde of undead minions to deal death in their stead.

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The best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4 emphasize the careful management of a troop of Skeletal Warriors, Mages, and the Golem. The Skeletons and Golem do melee damage to enemies, while the Skeletal mages pelt demons with magic from afar. The Necromancers themselves have a lot of options when it comes to how they deal damage, relying on a mixture of spells and curses, as well as some nasty melee attacks.

If you’re looking to become a custodian of the balance between life and death, here are some of the best Necromancer builds for leveling, endgame, and PvP to survive the legions of Hell in Diablo 4 Season 3.

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all basic Necromancer skills in the skill tree in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
Basic skills are always available to use.

Best Necromancer leveling build in Diablo 4

Currently, the best Necromancer build in the current Diablo 4 Season 3 meta is the Sever Necromancer, a build that makes use of the Sever skill to inflict most of its damage while also blowing up the many demon corpses you create to deal death upon death!

Here’s how to create the Sever Necro from scratch:

3Enhanced Reap
5Enhanced Sever
6Paranormal Sever
11Unliving Energy
12Imperfectly Balanced
13Imperfectly Balanced
14Imperfectly Balanced
15Corpse Explosion
16Enhanced Corpse Explosion
17Blighted Corpse Explosion
18Corpse Tendrils
19Enhanced Corpse Tendrils
20Plagued Corpse Tendrils
21Corpse Explosion
22Corpse Explosion
23Corpse Explosion
24Corpse Explosion
25Acolyte’s Reap
26Grim Harvest
27Fueled by Death
28Reaper’s Pursuit
36Blood Mist
37Crippling Darkness
38Hewed Flesh
39Hewed Flesh
40Hewed Flesh
41Grim Harvest
42Grim Harvest
43Fueled by Death
44Fueled by Death
45Skeletal Mage Mastery
46Skeletal Mage Mastery
47Skeletal Mage Mastery
48Reaper’s Pursuit
49Reaper’s Pursuit
50Paragon begins
1 – RenownNecrotic Carapace
2 – RenownNecrotic Carapace
3 – RenownNecrotic Carapace
4 – RenownInspiring Leader
5 – RenownInspiring Leader
6 – RenownInspiring Leader
7 – RenownDeath’s Embrace
8 – RenownDeath’s Embrace
9 – RenownDeath’s Embrace
10 – RenownDeath’s Reach

Book of the Dead

When it comes to using the Necromancer’s unique Book of the Dead skills, we recommend doing the following:

  • Level 1: ‍Raise Skeleton
  • Level 5: ‍Skeletal Warriors – Skirmishers
  • Level 15: ‍Skeletal Mages – Shadow
  • Level 18: ‍Skeletal Mages – Cold
  • Level 25: ‍Golems – Bone
  • Level 36: Sacrifice ‍Golems, Bone, and Sacrifice ‍Skeletal Warriors, Reapers

This Book of the Dead setup is the best way to support your Sever build, making it a minion-heavy style that also lets the Necromancer deal damage up close and from afar.

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However, it relies less on the minions as you approach endgame, choosing to sacrifice some – this is entirely optional though. If you want to keep your minions around then go for it!

Legendary Aspects

While there are many great Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power that will help this build, there are three in particular that you need to prioritize. Here’s what they are and where to find them:

  • Blighted Offensive Aspect – (Akkhans’s Grasp, Hawezar)
  • Offensive Aspect of Grasping – (Veins Corrupted Grotto, Kehjistan)
  • Offensive Aspect of Empowering – (Reaper Flooded Depths, Scosglen)

Each one will essentially buff your damage in various ways and make your Necromancer build even more deadly.

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We’d recommend not imprinting these Aspects on your weapons, as you’re likely to replace these many times on your Leveling journey. Instead, add offensive Aspects to your jewelry, this way, it can continue to serve you well into endgame.

Seneschal Companion stones

To get the best out of the Seneschal Companion for this build, try to find and equip the following Governing and Turning Stones:

  • Tempest (Governing)
  • Registered Damage Support (Turning)
  • Tactical Support (Turning)
  • Arching Support (Turning)
  • Gyrate (Governing)
  • Efficiency Support (Turning)
  • Initiative Support (Turning)
  • Resource Support (Turning)
Necromancer using Corpse Explosion skill in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
Plagued Corpse Explosion deals additional damage to enemies.

Best Necromancer endgame build in Diablo 4

Once you get past level 50 and have seen the ending of Diablo 4, things change as you’re launched into the endgame. This means the build you used to reach this point may no longer be sufficient. To really make the most of the endgame content, you’ll need an endgame build.

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Remember, if you want to switch from the above leveling build to the below endgame build, you’ll need to respec your skill points. Luckily, you’ll have all your points ready to go, but below is our recommended order of assignment to craft the build.

Here’s the best endgame Necromancer build in Diablo 4 currently – the Infinimist Necromancer.

Active SkillsPassive Skills
ReapShadow Blight
DecrepifyHewed Flesh
Blood MistGloom
Corpse TendrilsTerror
Bone StormReaper’s Pursuit
Corpse ExplosionCrippling Darkness

Book of the Dead

As this build has little need for minions and makes use of passives that buff solo Necromancers, we’d recommend sacrificing each minion for the various bonuses that provides. Of course, if you don’t want to roll solo, then the Leveling Build also works in endgame.

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Paragon Board

At level 50 you’ll gain access to the Paragon Board to continue building your character to level 100. Here are the boards you need to focus on to maximize the potential of the best endgame Necromancer build:

  • Starting board
  • Bone Graft board
  • Scent of Death board
  • Flesh Eater board


Here are the Glyphs we’d recommend activating as your work through the Paragon board:

At Level 15:

  • ‍Darkness
  • ‍Scourge
  • ‍Territorial
  • ‍Imbiber
  • ‍Control

Legendary Aspects

As this is an endgame build, it pays to unlock as many Legendary Aspects for the class as possible. Try to unlock the following Aspects as soon as possible in Season 3 to take advantage of their buffs, as each will have its own use within an endgame build:

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  • ‍Blighted Aspect in Akkan’s Grasp (Hawezar)
  • ‍Offensive Aspect of Grasping Veins Corrupted Grotto (Kehjistan)
  • ‍Ghostwalker Aspect Broken Bulwark (Scosglen)
  • ‍Aspect of Disobedience Halls of the Damned (Kehjistan)

The following Legendary Aspects can be located by farming Dungeons, Helltides, Tree of Whispers, or gambling Obols:

  • Offensive Aspect of Decay
  • ‍Defensive Aspect of Shielding Storm
  • ‍Aspect of Explosive Mist
  • ‍Blood-soaked Aspect
  • ‍Aspect of Ultimate Shadow

Seneschal Companion stones

To get the best out of the Seneschal Companion for this build, try to find and equip the following Governing and Turning Stones:

  • Focus Fire (Governing)
  • Dusk Support (Turning)
  • Efficiency Support (Turning)
  • Arching Support (Turning)
  • Flash of Adrenaline (Governing)
  • Duration Support (Turning)
  • Tactical Support (Turning)
  • Safeguard Support (Turning)
necromancerBlizzard Entertainment
The Priests of Rathma have become the Necromancer order.

Endgame item build

Here are the items you should aim to equip for your endgame Necromancer build in Diablo 4:

Item nameItem type
Death CoipHelm
Ruinic Mail of DisobedienceChest Armor
Ruinic Gloves of Shared MiseryGloves
Vicious SerpentPants
Ghostwalker Runic CleatsBoots
‍Arcanum DesireMain Hand
Corpse OfferOffhand
Blighted AmuletAmulet
Teemibg ImpactRing 1
Band of Grasping VeinsRing 2

Best Necromancer PvP build

Interestingly, the best PvP Necromancer build in Diablo 4 Season 3 (in the current meta) is also the Infinimist Necromancer. To make the best possible Necromancer for player-on-player battles in Diablo 4, craft the Endgame build above, complete with items and Paragon information.

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That wraps up everything we know about the best Necromancer build in Diablo 4. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update our build. So, do check back regularly.

If you’re not feeling these builds, check out our alternative Necromancer builds guides:

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