Everything we know about Bully 2: Leaks, teases, canceled build & more

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Bully protagonist Jimmy next to a logo for Bully 2

It feels like Rockstar has been teasing Bully 2 for years now, but will we ever get to return to the Bullworth Academy? Here’s everything we know about Bully 2.

The original Bully, known as Canis Canem Edit (Latin for dog eat dog) in some regions, came out in 2006 and Rockstar has never ruled out a sequel. Rumors and alleged leaks pointing to a Bully 2 have been doing the rounds for years without anything concrete from Rockstar.

With some sources claiming a Bully 2 announcement is imminent, we’ve decided to gather everything we know about the game in one place. Bully 2 remains unconfirmed at this stage, but more and more leaks and rumors are appearing, suggesting that Rockstar may be about to take your lunch money all over again.


Artwork from Rockstar Games' Bully
Could we see a return to Bullworth Academy?

Is there a Bully 2 release date yet?

Bully 2 has not been formally announced by Rockstar, therefore no release date has been provided.

Bully 2 was playable at one point

According to a fresh report from GameInformer, development on Bully 2 had “eight hours” of “fully rendered, fully realized” gameplay.

Bully 1 screenshot
Bully originally launched on PS2 before being ported to HD consoles.

Thanks to a team of around 50 to 70 people working on the game, Bully 2 was fully playable before Rockstar’s initial cancellation. However, development on some of Rockstar’s other leading projects caused progress on the game to be halted, and the company subsequently canceled the game.

All this was taken from former employees of Rockstar New England. Not all of the assets for Bully 2 were scrapped though, as lots of the created material was reworked and used in later games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Is Bully 2 canceled?

With all the new information that has come to light, it begs the ultimate question: “Has Bully 2 been canceled forever?” The real answer is quite simple: no one knows. Leaks and rumors have persisted for years, and the game did not appear at the 2021 Game Awards as rumored.

However, a report from Game Informer suggests that Bully 2 was indeed canceled by Rockstar, and also states that it would have featured a morality system, meaning players may be able to walk the path of an anti-hero instead of a ruthless bully. Other mechanics such as tree climbing have also been reported.

A former employee stated that the project was canceled in 2010 and was being worked on by Rockstar Vancouver. Of course, just because Bully 2 was canceled in one form doesn’t mean Rockstar couldn’t resurrect it in another. Therefore, take every report with a pinch of salt until Rockstar says otherwise.

Evidence of the game’s existence was spotted in possible for Grand Theft Auto 5, including a possible GTA 5 DLC that was never made. However, if this leak is correct, then Bully 2 is indeed likely canceled.

Are there any teases from Rockstar about Bully 2?

According to a now-deleted tweet from industry insider Tom Henderson, we could see a Bully 2 announcement very soon. But this never materialized.

In another series of tweets, Henderson mentioned some people have seen a “Playable version” of Bully 2 and that the game was supposed to be shown at the 2021 Game Awards, but nothing appeared.

Another reliable leaker, SWEGTA corroborated Henderson’s story, tweeting, “Expect some Bully 2 news momentarily.” While both leakers have a reliable track record, we’d advise taking their words with a pinch of salt until Rockstar provides evidence that backs up their claims.

Bullworth Academy baseball caps started to appear on Rockstar’s online store in 2019. Their appearance was considered surprising and possibly associated with the sequel, although others saw this as Rockstar simply selling merchandise related to one of their IPs and nothing to get too excited about.

Then, in 2020, the phrase “Bullying the weak” was spotted on Rockstar’s official website in cryptic jumbled text. This was seen by some as a tease for the sequel, giving fans fresh hope that the franchise would continue.

A mysterious job listing was also spotted earlier that year, looking for someone with a “deep appreciation” for the importance clothing plays in society. This also fuelled speculation that the game was in development. However, as of late 2023, there’s been no word on the game.

Jimmy Hopkins from the Rockstar Game "Bully"
Jimmy Hopkins was the playable character in Bully.

Bully 2 possible settings

At this time, we don’t know anything about the setting for Bully 2. If it is in development, it’s likely gone through several iterations before Rockstar decided on a final version. As the original game was released in 2006, it’s unlikely to resemble any early sequel ideas from this time.

Jimmy, the protagonist from the first game, could return, however, the sequel would need to be set in the late 2000s if the character was to still be in school. While it’s only speculation on our part, we imagine Rockstar would be more likely to create a new playable character in an updated version of Bullworth Academy.

This would allow the game to make use of a more modern setting, as well as all the gameplay opportunities this brings. This is exactly what Rockstar does in their GTA and Red Dead franchises, creating a new character to exist in a new era, even if the setting is similar.

School and even bullying, have evolved in this digital age, so it would be interesting to see how Rockstar updates this challenging topic in the series. As this is a highly sensitive subject, the company would need to tread carefully, finding a way to make an entertaining videogame without glamorizing bullying or abuse.

Therefore, until Rockstar formally confirms Bully 2, take all of the above with a huge spoonful of salt. We will keep you updated right here, if and when any updates arrive.

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