GTA 6 dev accidentally leaks big features after delay worries

Connor Bennett
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A GTA 6 dev has accidentally leaked some details about Rockstar’s recent work on the long-awaited game, confirming some big features and how far down the line development is. 

At the end of 2023, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that GTA 6 was, in fact, real by dropping a trailer for the highly-anticipated next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. 

Since then, Rockstar and Take-Two – their publishers – have remained quiet on things despite promising some updates. There have been rumors that the game, which is set to release in 2025, could be pushed back to 2026 amid development issues. However, it appears on track for 2025. 

Rockstar recently urged their development teams across the globe to return to office working rather than working from home over security issues. Yet, leaks are still getting out. 

That includes a recent leak from a developer at Rockstar’s main office – Rockstar North in Edinburgh – who revealed some of the details about recent work that is being done on GTA 6. 

In the small screenshot, the work instructions for the dev team show that they’re “finalizing the weather dynamic, particularly thunderstorms.” 

This includes work on “NPC behavior and activities” that change depending on the weather. In previous GTA titles, as soon as rain started, the streets would be empty. In GTA 6, however, it appears as if things should be a little more populated. 

On top of that, the dev’s instructions show that they’ve been working on bug fixes for “J+L”, which is seemingly referring to Jason and Lucia – the two protagonists of the GTA 6 story. 

The mention of 40 hours has been picked up by some fans as an apparent nod to the length of the story. However, it appears as if it is just how long is needed for bug fixes from each dev.