Rockstar Games sparks more Bully 2 speculation with biggest tease yet

Bully 1 screenshotRockstar Games

Fans of Rockstar’s Bully are knee-deep in speculation following an update to the developer’s website that seems like a gigantic hint to what’s in store for the action-adventure series.

It has been a long 13 years since Jimmy Hopkins ran amok around Bullworth Academy, so Bully fans are understandably itching to be able to revisit the series in the form of a sequel. While there have been many “leaks” and hints, the developer has still yet to officially announce a second game.

That could be about to change, though – Rockstar has dropped what could potentially be its biggest tease yet at Bully 2, and players are foaming at the mouth in excitement at what could potentially be on the way.

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Rockstar Games
Will players be getting a sequel?

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Rockstar teases Bully 2

On February 28, eagle-eyed fans of the game found a strange image on Rockstar’s official website that included a bunch of all-over-the-place text scattered around their official logo. It wasn’t in plain view, though – it could only be seen by clicking on the ‘menu’ button on the front page of their site.

The text spelled out “Killing dreams, murdering hope, fighting the righteous, and bullying the weak. Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?” – some of which are slogans that the developer has used over the years.

What’s sparked the speculation, though, is the term “bullying the weak” as it’s an obvious throwback to 2006’s Bully, and players are finding the choice of words to be too bizarre to be a coincidence.

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Rockstar Games
The strange image on Rockstar’s website.

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After word of the image got around, Bully 2 began trending on Twitter, showing just how much fans really, really want a sequel to Jimmy Hopkins’ playground antics.

It’s not the first time that Rockstar has seemingly hinted at a new instalment in the series, either. They’ve had merchandise drops, job listings, teases hidden in other games, and more.