GTA 6 fans spot another huge clue that game announcement could be coming

Ryan Lemay
GTA 5 landscape

Community members put on their tin foil hats again and highlighted a clue pointing to an imminent GTA 6 announcement.

October 24 was a rough day for GTA fans. Some community members expected a GTA 6 reveal trailer but instead got a new Red Dead Redemption 2 outfit. That isn’t to say every player fell for the trap, as it’s well known that Tuesdays are always dedicated to RDR2 news, while GTA gets Thursday and Friday.

And then, to rub more salt in the wound, reliable leaker Tez2 revealed that GTA 6 on PC is delayed. Originally, Tez2 was optimistic that the game would launch on all platforms at the same time. But now, the leaker just hopes the delay lasts for only a “few months.”

Community members didn’t let the negative wave of news stop them from returning the next day and attempting to dig up more clues. This time around, fans turned their attention to Metacritc for any sign of hope.

Critic review listing sparks hope from GTA 6 fans

A Reddit user posted that an official Metacritic page for GTA 6 has been published, indicating an announcement soon. Tez2 isn’t quite ready to buy in just yet, claiming: “The email looks too similar to the RDR2 one. Looks like whoever made it just changed some words. If it’s a different attorney than the RDR2 one, the wording would be different, not just a copy and paste.”

However, the leaker admitted: “It makes more sense that way, considering it’s a script. They aren’t negotiating. So the wording doesn’t have to differ much.”

Whether the leak is true or not, Tez2 expects everything to be cleared up on October 27, which is the alleged reveal date. For more, make sure to check out the rest of our GTA 6 coverage.

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