GTA 6 fans plan to boycott GTA Online after cancelation of leaked story DLCs

Michael Gwilliam
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Grand Theft Auto fans are furious after leaks revealed Rockstar canceled 8 story DLCs for GTA 5 and plan to boycott GTA Online out of protest.

Leaked GTA 5 source code has revealed a trove of details about canned game content including Bully 2, GTA Tokyo, Agent and several story DLCs for GTA 5 that never came to light.

The files indicated that GTA 5’s DLC was set to return to Liberty City, feature a North Yankton expansion and much more. Unfortunately, these never came out, leaving players convinced that the success of GTA Online’s live service business model is to blame.

With GTA 6 set to release in 2025 and undoubtedly feature its own updated version of GTA Online, players are already planning to stay clear of it so as not to risk a repeat of the GTA 5 DLC fiasco.

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GTA 6’s Online mode is already facing backlash.

Players plan GTA VI Online boycott after Rockstar cancels story DLC

Across social media, single-player GTA fans blamed GTA Online players for Rockstar’s decision to cancel DLC and how they’d target GTA 6 as payback.

“Every single one of you is to blame for buying microtransactions in GTA Online. Smh. What a utter shambles,” one GTA fan blasted.

“Rockstar Games will suffer for this,” said one user who posted a screenshot of the DLC list.

“Liberty V as the last single player DLC and I’m seeing videos of some online DLC with characters from IV,” said another. “All of this was scrapped to shove the ideas in the stupid ass online cause they sell a bazillion shark cards. I’m deff not touching 6 cause of this sh*t.”

“Rockstar really let GTA: Online rob us from 8 Single-Player DLCs,” another remarked.

“Vote with your wallets and don’t spend money on GTA 6 Online,” urged someone else.

Given the massive hype for GTA 6, it’ll be interesting to see how many people keep their word to not touch the game’s online mode or if Rockstar will release story content for VI regardless of its success.

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