Where to find & destroy haunted household furniture in Fortnite

Haunted Household Furniture in FortniteEpic Games

Struggling to find haunted household furniture in Fortnite? We’ve got the locations you need to find and destroy these spooky floating objects during Fortnitemares.

Fortnitemares 2022 is well underway, with plenty of creepy costumes to browse in the Item Shop and a brand new set of challenges to complete. Even better, there are free rewards on offer along the way.

One of these Fortnitemares Quests requires players to find and destroy haunted household furniture, but there’s no location provided on the map so you might be left wondering where they are.

To help you complete this spooky challenge, we’ve got all the information you need below.

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A piece of haunted furniture in FortniteEpic Games

What is haunted household furniture in Fortnite?

Haunted household furniture includes standard pieces of furniture like bookcases, bedside desks, and sofas that have been possessed by ghostly forces.

You can tell if an item is haunted because it will glow and slowly float up and down.

Where is the haunted household furniture in Fortnite?

One of the best locations to find haunted household furniture is Grim Gables. There are four pieces of haunted household furniture inside the big house, so you could complete this quest in two visits.

Be warned that Grim Gables is a dangerous location right now, with zombies and the Inkquisitor boss spawning here. It is a convenient place to land, though, as you can complete some other quests here.

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Grim Gables in FortniteEpic Games

Another good location to visit is Greasy Grove as there are multiple buildings with haunted household furniture inside them.

Once you’ve found some haunted household furniture, simply hit it with your pickaxe to destroy it. You’ll need to find and destroy seven of these ghostly objects to tick off this quest for good.

Once you’ve completed this challenge, you’ll receive 15,000 XP and be one step closer to unlocking those free rewards: the Everything’s End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Harvesting Tool.

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