Fortnite Upgrade Bench locations: How to upgrade weapons & costs

Rishabh Sabarwal
Upgrade Bench in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

The Upgrade Bench is a useful tool for taking your weapons to the next level in Fortnite. They first appeared in Chapter 2 and may now be seen on the Chapter 4 Season 2 island. Here’s how you can find one and use it.

The island in Fortnite contains a number of features designed to bring players one step closer to the coveted Victory Royale. Players have access to a broad variety of weaponry and may even improve their existing arsenals in this game.

They always strive to acquire weapons of the highest rarity possible to deal the most damage possible to their opponents. Since they can’t always receive a rarer weapon through conventional loot means, they often have to pay a price to have their existing weapons improved.

The quickest method to level up your weaponry in Fortnite is at one of the many Upgrade Benches spread across the island. One of the latest Fortnite Trials quest requires players to use an Upgrade bunch. Here’s where to look for one and how to use it.


Miles skin upgrading a weapon using an Upgrade Bench
Players can simply walk closer to an upgrade bench to use it

How to use an Upgrade Bench in Fortnite

Fortnite makes it easy to use an Upgrade Bench. Find one using the white arrow symbol on your mini-map and you’ll be good to go. When you locate it, you can upgrade your weapon by just approaching it while having it equipped.

Upgrading your weapon will cost gold, so be sure you have plenty on hand before you make the move. You may then upgrade your weapon by spending the required number of bars after approaching the bench.

To finalize your upgrade, you’ll need to spend enough bars to raise your weapon’s rarity, which you may do upon interacting with the bench in the game.

Cost of upgrading weapons using an Upgrade Bench
The cost of upgrading weapons varies across different tiers

Cost of Weapon Upgrades

In Fortnite, players may choose from four distinct tiers of weapon upgrades when they visit an Upgrade Bench. These levels allow for a smooth progression from one rarity to the next, all the way up to legendary rarity, beyond which no more upgrades are possible.

Here’s how much it costs to upgrade each weapon tier in Fortnite:

Rarity UpgradeCost (in Gold Bars)
Common to Uncommon100
Uncommon to Rare250
Rare to Epic375
Epic to Legendary500

You can’t use an Upgrade Bench to raise the stats of a Legendary, Mythic, Exotic, or Utility item.

Locations of the Upgrade Bench

The Upgrade Bench may be found at nearly all Season 2 island POIs. However, it is completely non-existent in the Snow Biome next to Brutal Bastion and Lonely Labs. You have the highest chance of quickly locating an Upgrade Bench on the island’s eastern and western sides.

Locations of Upgrade Bench on the Fortnite island
Marked locations of all the Upgrade Benches on the Fortnite Season 2 map

Above, you’ll find a comprehensive map created by Fortnite.GG that pinpoints all of the highlighted Upgrade Benches in the game at the moment in Chapter 4 Season 2. To upgrade your weapon, just collect Gold Bars, select a weapon, and proceed to the Upgrade Bench.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use an Upgrade Bench in Fortnite!

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