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Where to collect Compromised Intel in Fortnite: All locations explained

Published: 27/Apr/2022 12:28

by Andrew Highton


If you’re trying to complete Fortnite’s Covert Ops Quests and need to collect Compromised Intel in the process, we’ll show you the locations and what you can get for your troubles.

Each season of Fortnite throws up special new batches of challenges to unlock skins and cool goodies. As well as Resistance Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, there are also Covert Ops Quests that have players running around trying to perform special actions to complete certain criteria and earn rewards.

One such challenge is finding Compromised Intel across the Fortnite map. This can be tricky if you don’t know where to look or what you’re looking for in the game, but we’ve simplified the whole process for you.



fortnite player finding compromised intel at IO base
Epic Games
Securing the Intel is easy enough.

What is the Compromised Intel Covert Ops challenge?

As part of Covert Ops Quests Phase 2, players are required to “Collect compromised Intel from IO Outposts in Zero Build.” Make sure to remember that this challenge can only be done on Zero Build, not regular battle royale.

The Covert Ops Quests run through the month of April 2022 and finish up on May 2, 2022. There are four different phases (weeks) of challenges to complete and doing so comes with special rewards.

How to find Compromised Intel in Fortnite

There are five different locations to locate in order to get your hands on Compromised Intel and the good news is that you only actually need two of them. What you’re looking for is a small black box.


We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible for you by highlighting the location of each piece of Intel on our customized Fortnite map below.

the locations of IO base compromised intel in fortnite
Epic Games
You can collect all five if you want, but you only need two.

With the locations in hand, we’ve also got some easy-to-follow steps to procure the Intel itself:

  1. Load up a game of Zero Build.
  2. Go to your hand-picked IO Base.
  3. Explore until you find a black box.
  4. Interact with it and that will count as one of your two pieces of Compromised Intel!

Reward for completing Fortnite Covert Ops Quest

If you manage to collect two pieces of Intel, then we can tell you that not only will you be rewarded with a tasty chunk of 30,000 XP, but it will put you one step closer to getting the free Secret Sledge Pickaxe.

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