LEGO Fortnite player shows how you can build the ultimate airship

Josh Taylor
A LEGO Fortnite airship was built by a player in the game.

One LEGO Fortnite player has revealed how you can create your very own driveable airship to easily fly across your world quickly, and here’s exactly how.

LEGO Fortnite has had millions surge into the Battle Royale game for a whole new adventure involving the famous building blocks.

Epic Games has brought LEGO to Fortnite with a brand-new game mode, which allows players to take a break from going for a Victory Royale, and instead centers around building and surviving in player’s own user-created worlds.

Despite the game only being out for a few days, record-breaking amounts of players have been exploring their maps and coming up with endless amounts of inventive creations.

Now, one LEGO Fortnite player has revealed exactly how to create an ingenious steerable airship that lets them blast around their map with ease, so here’s exactly how you can create your own.

How to build the perfect airship in LEGO Fortnite

Fortnite player Psykrot shared their new and improved airship build in LEGO Fortnite, where they have broken down a full tutorial on how you can make the ultimate air transport for yourself.

In creating this airship, you will be able to fly off into the sky and blast around your world quickly, which includes the use of several thrusters, balloons, and even an easy-to-use steering system.

You will need to make sure you have unlocked all the building items, collected all the materials, and then created all the necessary Building Parts to create the ship in Survival mode. Despite this taking some time, you could also just jump straight into Sandbox mode, and instantly start building your ship.

Here are all the Building Parts and items you will need to build the ultimate airship in LEGO Fortnite.


  • Wood Foundation 01 – x6
  • Wood Foundation 02 – x3
  • Wood Foundation 09 – x2
  • Rustic Thin Floor 01 – x8
  • Rustic Wide Floor 02 – x2
  • Rustic Beam 02 – x1
  • Rustic Beam 04 – x4
  • Rustic Railing 01 – x6
  • Rustic Railing 02 – x1
  • Rustic Railing 03 – x2
  • Rustic Railing Corner – x6
  • Dynamic Foundation – x2


  • Activation Switch – x3
  • Small Thruster – x4
  • Small Balloon – x2
  • Large Balloon – x2


  • It’s Wick – x6

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