LEGO Fortnite smashes player peak record set by Season OG

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LEGO Fortnite joined the game and instantly set Fortnite’s new peak player count record, as well as easily knocking off its classic Battle Royale mode off the top spot for the first time in its history.

Fortnite’s massively popular Chapter 4 Season OG broke several records when it was released. It impressively achieved over 44 million players in just one day and over 100 million players throughout November.

Epic Games even revealed the OG season exceeded their expectations, and have confirmed it is to return in 2024. However, LEGO Fortnite has once again shocked the gaming community after it went one giant leap further by going on its own record-breaking release just days after the nostalgic season ended.

The LEGO mode joined on December 7, 2023, complete with its own Minecraft-esque open-world game that focuses on building, crafting and surviving in the user’s own created worlds. It instantly proved a hit, where it has immediately caused Fortnite to set a brand-new player count record.

LEGO shatters Fortnite player peak record set by Season OG

LEGO Fortnite has knocked off the Battle Royale mode for the first time in the game’s history and judging by the numbers, it isn’t even close.

Fortnite has set its new player count record at over 6.6 million live players that are playing the game at one time, not taking into account the over 11.6 million that joined to watch the live in-game event.

According to Fortnite.GG, the infamous building brick mode has itself peaked at over 2.4 million players since its release, while standard Battle Royale has peaked at just over 850 thousand.

See below all the player peak counts for every main game mode since LEGO Fortnite’s release:

  1. LEGO Fortnite – 2,432,569
  2. Battle Royale – 865,817
  3. Ranked Battle Royale – 686,495
  4. Rocket Racing – 625,683
  5. Ranked Rocket Racing – 558,813
  6. Zero Build – 516,395
  7. Ranked Zero Build – 111,861

Despite LEGO Fortnite sticking out as the main factor in the records being broken, the other modes, including Rocket Racing which released a day after, still have strong numbers across the board in comparison to other live games. These have all helped Fortnite to continue to break records and dominate as 2023 comes to a close.

Whether LEGO Fortnite is here to stay permenantly remains unknown, but Epic Games have also not provided an end date and given its success, for now it looks here to stay.

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