How to cancel Fortnite Boogie Bombs without taking damage

Fortnite players dancing due to boogie bombEpic Games

Epic added Boogie Bombs back to the game in Season 4 ⁠— the first time since Chapter 2 launched. Players are already getting fed up with the grenade since its unvaulting, but there’s apparently a way to break free from the dance without taking damage.

Boogie Bombs are back from the vault in Fortnite Season 4. The grenade was one of a handful of items brought back into the game in the major update, alongside player favorites like the Pump Shotgun.

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The grenade forces players to dance when hit, setting up an easy opportunity to nab a kill on an unsuspecting opponent.

Boogie Bomb in FortniteRiot Games
Boogie Bombs were added back into Fortnite in Season 4.

Typically, the only way to cancel a Boogie Bomb is to take damage, or wait for the five second timer to run out. This leaves your fate in your enemies hands ⁠— if they are good enough, they’ll burst you down instantly with no chance to fight back.

However, there’s a way that you can get out of the way of your enemies and cancel the effect without taking damage.

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You can apparently use crash pads to break free from the Boogie Bomb dance without taking damage. This trick was uncovered by 100 Thieves pro ‘MrSavage’, who surprised his stream with the neat tactic to get away from an opponent set to kill him.

It’s unclear as to whether it’s a bug or not, but players are able to throw down crash pads while dancing under the effects of a Boogie Bomb. This can create enough distance between yourself and your enemy to avoid certain death.

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While it doesn’t necessarily ‘cancel’ the effect, being able to escape thanks to the crash pads is as good as canceling the Boogie Bomb.

It allows you to save health and potentially meds, which can become crucial in late game fights. You could also potentially catch your opponent off guard and launch a counter-attack.

If it is a bug, Epic will look at patching this out as soon as possible, making Boogie Bombs uncounterable again. However, for now, if you’re in a pinch and have some Crash Pads, be sure to throw them down to get out of harm’s way ⁠— it could just be the difference between snatching a Victory Royale or losing the game.

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