How to thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC & Mobile

The Battle Bus in FortniteEpic Games

If you’re wondering how to thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite, we’ve got the commands and buttons you need to press for all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Mobile.

Thanking the Bus Driver is a fun little easter egg that was introduced in 2018. It doesn’t change anything in regards to gameplay, but many players still do it to pass the time as they wait for the right moment to leave the Battle Bus.

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Every now and then, though, a challenge or quest in Fortnite will require you to thank the Bus Driver to earn XP or a free reward. In these instances, it’s important to know what command to press before you run out of time.

Whether you’ve never thanked the Bus Driver before, or you simply need a refresher because you forgot (don’t worry, it happens to us, too!), we’ve got the details you need below.

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Fortnite players thanking the bus driver in FortniteEpic Games
Thanking the bus driver is a classic Fortnite easter egg that not everyone knows about.

How do you thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite?

To thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite, you need to be inside the Battle Bus at the start of a match, then press the button that you usually emote with on your controller or keyboard.

You’ll know if you’ve been successful because a message will pop up in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen saying ‘[your username] has thanked the bus driver’ in orange text.

Here’s how to thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite on every platform:

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Console/Platform ‘Thank the Bus Driver’ Command
PS4 Press ‘down’ on the d-pad
PS5 Press ‘down’ on the d-pad
Xbox One Press ‘down’ on the d-pad
Xbox One X|S Press ‘down’ on the d-pad
Nintendo Switch Press ‘down’ on the d-pad
PC Press ‘B’ on the keyboard
Mobile or Tablet Press the ’emote’ button on screen

The commands or buttons above are based on Fortnite’s original control settings. If you’ve remapped the emote command to a different button, you’ll need to press that instead.

What does ‘thanking the Bus Driver’ do in Fortnite?

Thanking the Bus Driver in Fortnite doesn’t give you any perks or change anything in the game. It’s simply a fun little feature for players to discover – and a way to show their virtual appreciation.

Having said that, some seasons feature challenges that involve thanking the Bus Driver. For these, you’ll need to follow the right command in the table above and you’ll earn yourself some XP!

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In Chapter 3 Season 2, for example, one of the weekly challenges asks you to ‘thank the Bus Driver and then place top 25 in a match’. Doing this will earn you 20,000 XP to help level up your Battle Pass.

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