Where to find Berkanan Sap in FFXIV

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Wondering where to find Berkanan Sap in FFXIV Endwalker? Here are all of the locations you’ll need, and how to farm it fast.

Not only has the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Endwalker, added a whole new chapter of content to the game, it’s also accompanied by new items, reagents, and much, much more.

From the elusive Northern Herring to the feisty Giant Aetherlouse, there’s a lot of things to collect in Eorzea, and you’ll likely be looking to add Berkanan Sap to the pile.

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Wondering where to find Berkanan Sap in FFXIV Endwalker? Here are all of the different locations you’ll need, as well as what you can use it for once you’ve got it.


ffxiv endwalker labyrinthos Square Enix
Your journey will begin under the golden light of Labryinthos.

Where to get Berkanan Sap in FFXIV

There are a few different ways to procure Berkanan Sap in FFXIV, with the easiest being a straight transaction with some of Eorzea’s local merchants. However, they don’t deal in Gil, making things a little more complex.

Berkanan Sap can be acquired by:

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  1. Selling two Bicolor Gemstones to:
    • Faezbroes (Labryinthos, The Archeion, coordinates X:29.9, Y:12.9)
    • Gadfrid (Old Sharlayan, The Agora, coordinates X:12.8, Y:10.5)
    • Sajareen (Radz-at-Han, West Balshahn Bazaar, coordinates X:11.1, Y:10.2)
  2. Completing Levequests, but these two in particular (obtained in Old Sharlayan from Ahldiyrn):
    • Mindful Study (Level 88)
    • Technically Still Magic (Level 88)
  3. They drop from killing Berkanan in Labryinthos.
ffxiv lalafel botanist cuts down treeSquare Enix
Berkanan Sap plays an integral part in your Botanist journey.

How to farm Berkanan Sap

The key to farming Berkanan Sap is, quite clearly, to farm Bicolor Gemstones. One of the easiest ways to do this is to complete Endwalker FATEs, where they often drop as a reward. In addition to this, the more friends you have with you the merrier, so grab some guild members and farm FATEs until you have enough.

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Additionally, you can go on a Berkanan safari and take down these angry trees with your colleagues. These spawn at Level 88, around the coordinates X:6.8, Y:21.0 near Labryinthos’ Aporia Aetheryte.

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FFXIV: Berkanan Sap recipes, quests & uses

Berkanan Sap is an essential part of the Botanist’s level 5 quest, ‘Sap for Smiles,’ but also has a variety of different uses within recipes.

Below are all of the relevant recipes that rely on the sap, as well as what Discipline you’ll need to have to craft it:

Recipe Discipline Level
Absorbic Additive Alchemist / Culinarian 88
Rarefied Draught Alchemist 89
Grade 5 Tincture of the Mind Alchemist 89
Grade 5 Tincture of the Vitality Alchemist 89
Cunning Craftsman’s Draught Alchemist 89
Grade 5 Tincture of the Strength Alchemist 90
Grade 5 Tincture of the Dexerity Alchemist 90
Grade 5 Tincture of the Intelligence Alchemist 90

So that’s where to find Berkanan Sap in FFXIV Endwalker! Looking for more tips and tricks to help you conquer the darkness? Check out our guides:

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