How to get Timeless Turali Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail introduced a heap of new materials for crafters, here’s how to get the elusive Timeless Turali Cloth for all your Disciple of Hand needs.

Final Fantasy XIV has just released a whole bunch of new content with its Dawntrail expansion. From a new MSQ to two new jobs and six new zones to explore, there are a tonne of things to do in the game at the moment.

This includes leveling your jobs to the new level cap of 100, so you can equip yourself with new gear and abilities to take your capabilities ever higher.

Of course, leveling crafters requires having material, so here’s how to get yourself Timeless Turali Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail.

Final Fantasy XIV: How to get Timeless Turali Cloth

The only way to get Timeless Turali Cloth is by looting it from chests found at the end of Timeworn Loboskin or Timeworn Br’aaxskin Treasure Maps.

Grabbing a map requires you to own Dawntrail and have at least one gatherer level 100. They can be found in level 100 gathering nodes across Dawntrail zones and have an 18-hour cooldown each time you pick one up.

FFXIV Gatherers
You’ll need to have a level 100 gatherer to find the maps required for Timeless Turali Cloth.

It’s worth noting that not all nodes will drop a map, so you might need to visit a couple of them before getting the map to drop.

Similarly, you can purchase a map from the market board, with the price varying depending on your server. You can also gain one Timeworn Br’aaxskin Treasure Map by completing your Wondrous Tales each week, making it another source for this material.

Timeworn Loboskin maps are ideal if you’re by yourself, as they’re recommended for one player. Br’aaxskin maps offer a bit more of a challenge and we recommend a party of eight players complete it.

Timeless Turali Cloth is not a guaranteed drop from these treasure maps as well, so you may need to run the activity multiple times before you get your hands on one. Turali Cloth is used to make the Turali Trade’s items, a new glamor item fitting for the new expansion.

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