FFXIV Online Eureka Guide: How to unlock, Magia Board, dungeon, mount

Lauren Bergin
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Of all Final Fantasy XIV Online’s secrets, Eureka, the Forbidden Land, has become one of FFXIV’s most popular destinations. 

As the Final Fantasy XIV Online universe continues to expand with the upcoming release of Endwalker, players old and new are flocking to the plains of Eorza to uncover FFXIV’s hidden treasures.

One of these is Eureka, the Forbidden Land. An island thought lost during the events of the Calamity, it represents a whole new adventure for hungry players.

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Hoping to channel your inner Indiana Jones and take a peek into the island’s secrets? Here’s a full guide to unlocking and exploring FFXIV’s Eureka.


ffxiv eurekaSquare Enix
Fearsome creatures lurk in the bowels of this mysterious Aether paradise.

What is Eureka in FFXIV?

Eureka is a series of localized instances in FFXIV, an ‘instance’ being a small area which only a certain number of players can populate in order to ensure server stability.

144 players can head out to Eureka at one time, with players having the ability to take to its aether-filled plains solo instead of with a group. Your item level will also be synced to Level 300.

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However, as there is no set path you’ll need to work together with your fellow explorers to locate the area’s fearsome enemies. Thankfully, you’ll spawn at a settlement with a collection of other players, so you won’t be running around looking for them!

You only have a set time to do this, but you’re free to jump back in once the timer runs out.

How to unlock Eureka in FFXIV

In order to visit the vistas of this ancient isle, you’ll need to complete a few prerequisites first. Importantly, you must be over Level 70, and you’ll also have to have completed the main Stormblood story quests. 

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From here, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to Galiena at the Chakra Falls in Rhalgr’s Reach, and obtain the quest “And We Shall Call it Eureka.”
  2. Next, meet Krile at Kugane.
    • This will cue a cutscene.
  3. From here, head down to pier #1 and speak to the Craftsman. Then you’ll be able to travel to Eureka!
    • To venture forth to Eureka, speak to Expedition Ferryman Rodney
    • If you are playing as a party of eight, all eight players must be in Kugane before departure.
FFXIV Rhalgr's ReachSquare Enix
Your journey into the aether soaked land of Eureka starts at Rhalgr’s Reach

The Magia Board

In order to journey through this elemental paradise and make it out unscathed, you’ll need to make use of the Magia Board. As the monsters of the island are elemental based, players will level up via the Element Levelling system that is unique to Eureka.

Players will be able to control six different elements (water, ice, fire, earth, wind, lightning) which can be upgraded with different points. You can only redistribute these five times, though, before the board runs out of charge. It can be recharged via the settlement’s Magia Meddler or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, by slaying monsters.

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Be careful how you distribute your elemental points, though, as each monster is attuned to a certain element. So, you can either wield nature to your advantage, or use it to increase your defense.

  • Increased defense: If you go up against an enemy and attune yourself to the same element as it, you increase your defense.
    • For example: running a Water build into a Water enemy will increase your defense.
  • Elemental buffs: Each element will give its wielder some all important buffs, so make sure you take a look at which ones best fit your playstyle in order to maximise your chances of success.
FFXIV Demi-Ozma mountSquare Enix
Defeating Eureka’s public dungeon nets you this stunning mount.

FFXIV Eureka Dungeon: Baldesion Arsenal

Once you’ve completed everything that Eureka has to offer, you’ll be able to take part in a 56-man public dungeon called Baldesion Arsenal. To take part, you must,:

  • Be Elemental Level 60.
  • Complete the Hydatos main quests.
  • Complete the FATE “I don’t want to believe.”
    • This only spawns during Umbral Turbulence weather in the presence of a Level 60.

The dungeon is accessible via Hydatos, and completion of the dungeon grants you the weird yet wonderful Demi-Ozma mount.

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So that’s it for FFXIV’s Eureka! If you’re new to the world of Ezorea and fancy getting a head start, here’s all of our guides to FFXIV Online:

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