FFXIV Endwalker Northern Herring guide: Locations & how to farm them

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Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Northern Herring are a hot commodity coming into FFXIV Endwalker, so here’s where to find them and some handy farming tips.

In the wake of Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Endwalker expansion finally hitting our screens, FFXIV players have been tearing through the new story content and hurtling themselves towards armageddon.

For those who enjoy the quiet life, though, the Fisherman’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa has players scouring the seas of Eorzea for some new, scaly friends. One of these is the Northern Herring, an elusive little aquatic creature that appears to be outwitting even the greatest fishermen and women.

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Wondering where to find Northern Herring in FFXIV and, in turn, farm them? Here’s a run down of everything you need to know about these fishy foes.


ffxiv endwalker old sharlyanSquare Enix
In order to snag yourself some slippery scaly bois, you’ll need to head to one of FFXIV Endwalker’s new cities.

FFXIV Northern Herring: Locations

If you’ve been running around the map avidly searching for these sneaky little creatures, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Firstly, you’ll need to have the new FFXIV Endwalker expansion, otherwise you won’t be able to reach this location and the Northern Herring will not be available to you. If you’ve bought your ticket to the end of all days, though, you’ll want to take the Aetherite to the spectacular Old Sharlayan.

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From here:

  1. Run straight South from the main plaza Aetherite to the harbor.
  2. Continue down to where the boats are.
  3. Fish away using a Shrimp Ball bait (bought from the Material Supplier in Old Sharlayan.)
    • Some players have noticed that you have a higher chance of catching Northern Herrings in normal, sunny weather. Cloudy weather appears to decrease your chances.
  4. If you see a !,” catch it!
ffxiv character fishingSquare Enix
If you’re planning on fishing for some Northern Herring you may as well get comfortable!

How to farm Northern Herring in FFXIV

It’s no good just getting one Northern Herring though – we want ALL the Northern Herrings! After all, you’ll need them if you’re planning on trying out some of Endwalker’s new culinary delights.

In order to efficiently farm Northern Herrings in FFXIV:

  • Make use of Veteran Trade. This means that, if you’re constantly catching the same fish, you can cast this spell to make it disappear and, in turn, increase your chances of a Northern Herring.
  • Use Surface Slap to make sure you don’t hook the same unwanted fish you just hooked.
  • Don’t waste time catching fish that do not hook with the “!” emote, as the Northern Herring is only a one exclamation mark fish.
  • Use your double (or Level 90 triple) hook to increase how many fish you catch per cast, increasing the probability of getting a Northern Herring.
  • Once you find a Northern Herring, be sure to use Identical Cast to guarantee you get another one.

So that’s where to catch Northern Herring in FFXIV Online’s Endwalker expansion! Looking to become Eorzea’s greatest Warrior of Light? Be sure to check out our handy guides:

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