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How to get all hairstyles in FFXIV Online

Published: 18/Sep/2021 21:02 Updated: 27/Sep/2021 12:30

by Nick Farrell


Character customization is one of the larger aspects of any game, and while diving into Final Fantasy XIV Online, you’re going to want your hair to look the best it can get, and there’s some hairstyles that’ll get your FFXIV hero looking extra fresh. 

MMORPGs are still one of the most played genres of gaming throughout the world, and with the upcoming release of New World, players are still finding fun with other titles such as Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft.

One of the best aspects of these games is the ample amount of customization options present, allowing players to express their personalities with one another and get creative with how they look.


Hairstyles are one of the many ways you’ll be able to jazz up your players, and we’re going to run over all of them within Final Fantasy XIV and how you’ll be able to earn them in the game.


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There’s a ton of monsters within the game to tackle in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

How to get all hairstyles in FFXIV Online

As of writing, there’s currently 28 hairstyles for players to obtain within Final Fantasy XIV Online, and they all offer something unique for the player to wear while playing.

Below, we’re going to break down all the hairstyles within the game, along with where you’ll be able to locate each one. All of these hairstyles are also equippable for all classes within FFXIV Online, so there’ll be no problem switching them around for each character.


Hairstyle Where to find
Both Ways Zadnor Lockbox
Scanning for Style Located at the tower within Paradigm’s Breach
Battle-ready Bobs Located at the tower within Paradigm’s Breach
Early To Rise 5 Bozjan Gold/30 Bozjan Platnium at Delubrum Reginae
Sharlayan Studies Located via Mog Station
Wind Caller 150 Bozjan Clusters
Saintly Style Located at Fete Present and will cost 1500 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Controlled Chaos Located at Fete Present and will cost 1500 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Modern Legend Located at Fete Present and will cost 1500 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Great Lengths 30,000 MGP
Lucian Locks FFXV collab
Form And Function Happy Bunny lockbox
Lexen-tails 50,000 MGP
Strife Community event prize
Styled For Hire 18,000 Wolf marks
Gyr Albanian Plait Heaven-o-high
Fashionably Feathered 18,000 Wolf marks
Master & Commander Located via Mog Station
Rainmaker 5000 MGP
Samsonian Locks Located at the Palace of the Dead
Scion Special Issue III Female Located via Mog Station
Scion Special Issue II Male Located via Mog Station
Pulse Located at Mog Station or FFXII collab
Scion Special Issue Female Located via Mog Station
Curls 9600 MGP
Adventure 14 MGP
Ponytails 8000 MGP
Eternal Bonding Located at the ceremony of Eternal Bonding

Players are bound to find some of these along their journeys, and if you’re in the market for a specific one, then you may want to consult the list above and head over to that specific location!

So that’s it for all FFXIV Online hairstyles! Looking to become the greatest warrior Eorzea has ever seen (as well as the best looking)? Check out our list of guides:

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