Where to find all Seventh Infantry locations in Junon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Ishan Vashishth
final fantasy 7 rebirth seventh infantry

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, navigating the iconic Junon Parade can be a thrilling yet challenging experience. One of the key tasks during this segment is to gather the Seventh Infantry troops scattered across Junon. Here are all the Seventh Infantry locations in the game.

Finding all those soldiers isn’t just about duty. It unlocks a slick trophy and boosts your potential parade performance score. Think of it as a scavenger hunt with military precision. 

In your quest to assemble the perfect parade, you’ll traverse through various locales in Junon, encountering soldiers amidst their daily routines. From browsing shops to enjoying a drink at the bar, these Seventh Infantry members are spread across the city. 

final fantasy 7 rebirth seventh infantry soldiers
You’ll find Seventh Infantry troops in 10 locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Seventh Infantry locations in Junon

You only need to recruit five divisions of the Seventh Infantry, but if you manage to hire all 10, you’ll get a trophy. Here are the exact locations of Seventh Infantry members in Junon in FF7 Rebirth. 

  1. Larboard Junon, The Full Arsenal: Look for a soldier near the sea, gazing up at the imposing Sister Ray.
  2. The Glabrescent Bar: Follow Rude inside this establishment to find another soldier.
  3. Cecilia’s of Junon: Inside the Materia shop, you’ll encounter a soldier who can join your parade.
  4. Rufus cutout: Near the Rufus standee, you’ll find a soldier who enjoys taking pictures with the standee.
  5. Boardwalk: Keep an eye out for a soldier here.
  6. Le Sourire: This location houses yet another soldier.
  7. Larboard Garrison, Storeroom: Explore the storeroom in the garrison to discover more soldiers.
  8. Barracks, Assembly Room: Head to the assembly room in the barracks to recruit additional soldiers.
  9. Barracks,  Briefing Room: Head upstairs from the assembly room where you’ll find the Briefing Room where you’ll find more troops in the Northeast corner.
  10. Shopping Center, Main Street: Head upstairs to Shopping Center 3F, west of Maghanata Books.  

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