All FFXIV Online Expansions & DLCs: From Heavensward to Endwalker

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Looking for a rundown of all FFXIV’s expansions? Here’s every chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV Online story, from Heavensward to Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV Online has quite the history despite its sudden growth in popularity. Initially released in 2010, it fell flat on its face before being re-released in the form of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

From here the title has skyrocketed to fame thanks to the likes of Twitch streamers such as Asmongold, and in turn, has seen several successive expansions.

So, here’s every FFXIV expansion so far, as well as those that haven’t been released yet. From Heavensward to Endwalker, strap in, because we’re going to explore all of the different adventures Eorzea has to offer.

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All FFXIV expansions & DLCs listed

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (2013/2014)

ffxiv a realm reborn artSquare Enix
Square Enix’s decision to remake FFXIV Online breathed new life into the struggling title.

As we mentioned before, FFXIV has a long and winding history, but the game’s success truly began with its remake and re-release in 2013. Entitled “A Realm Reborn,” Eorzea received a new coat of paint, as well as an overhaul to tired mechanics.

While not quite an expansion, A Realm Reborn deserves its place on this list for truly rejuvenating the franchise. After all, we wouldn’t have the rest of these spinoff stories without it.

FFXIV Online First Expansion: Heavensward (2015)

ffxiv expansions heavenswardSquare Enix
The battle between man and dragon finally reaches its peak in Heavensward.

Following the harrowing tale of the Millenium-long Dragonsong War, Heavensward sees the Warrior of Light take up refuge in the mysterious Ishgard. Looking to finally bring about peace between the dragons of Dravania and the Holy See of Ishgard, they uncover a conspiracy that shakes the city to its core.

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While Heavensward is a story full of twists and turns, it also introduced a wave of new features into the game. Giving mounts the ability to fly and adding the Death Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist jobs, Heavensward was exactly what Final Fantasy fans needed after a two-year wait.

FFXIV Online: Stormblood (2017)

FFXIV StormbloodSquare Enix
The fight for freedom begins in Stormblood, as the Empire draws ever closer.

Stormblood brings players back into the ongoing battle between the tyrannical Galrean Empire and the proud nations of Eorzea. Seeking to free the provinces of Ala Migho and Doma from the clutches of the brutal Zenos yae Galvus, the Warrior of Light takes the battle to his very doorstep.

Accompanying Stormblood were two of the game’s most popular classes, the katana-wielding Samurai and duelist-inspired Red Mage. The Forbidden Land of Eureka also makes its first appearance during this expansion.

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FFXIV Online: Shadowbringers (2019)

FFXIV ShadowbringersSquare Enix
Trapped in a parallel world on the brink of collapse, the player races to save this dying world.

We’ve had dragons, epic battles, and now we’ve got parallel universes. Shadowbringers transports the Warrior of Light and their companions to the mysterious world of the First, where armageddon rains from the skies. As a familiar villain works behind the scenes to make the First’s collapse Eorzea’s reality, it’s a race against time to save the future.

Adding the ever-popular Viera race into the fray, as well as allowing players to test out the Dancer and Gunbreaker jobs, Shadowbringers was quite the treat for avid FFXIV players.

FFXIV Online current expansion: Endwalker (2021)

FFXIV EndwalkerSquare Enix
FFXIV’s Endwalker expansion brings the Eorzean conflict to a close.

As the dust settles on the events of Shadowbringers, the Warrior of Light is thrown into the final battle of the Eorzean/Galrean conflict. Finally getting their chance to strike down Zenos, the Final Days are upon us.

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Adding the highly anticipated Sage and Reaper jobs, as well as the popular Male Viera race, Endwalker closes the current FFXIV story arc in style.

So that’s every FFXIV expansion that we have so far. All of these can be purchased via the official Square Enix store. Looking to prepare for Eorzea’s final days? Be sure to check out our extensive list of guides:

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