How to access FFXIV Online: one-time password, free trial version

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Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online has been steadily growing in popularity, so if you want see the sights of Eorzea for yourself here’s how to get the free FFXIV trial version, as well as bypass that one-time password.

It’s safe to say that the Final Fantasy franchise has etched itself into gaming history. With stunning anime-style graphics and an intense yet intriguing plotline, gamers everywhere have fallen in love with what the title has to offer.

That excitement doesn’t just relate to the game’s dedicated fanbase, though. Twitch behemoths such as Asmongold and Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar have brought the game back to prominence in the streaming community, reeling in hundreds of thousands of viewers.

If you’ve been chatting with friends or checking out some of these streams, you likely want to jump into the world of Final Fantasy XIV yourself. However, turns out it isn’t as easy as it seems.


final fantasy xiv online
Fancy trying our Final Fantasy in style? Here’s how to get started.

FFXIV Online Free Trial

For new players, Square Enix are offering a free 30-day trial to blossoming adventurers. With the ability to level your character all the way up to level 60, it’s the best way to delve into the Final Fantasy universe without committing too much money up front.

You can download the free trial both on Square Enix’s official website, and via Steam.

  • Square Enix’s Website: you will have to open a Square Enix account in order to register.
  • Steam: Once downloaded, you can link your Steam and Square Enix accounts together in order to play.
Final Fantasy XIV Online character creation
Once you’ve created the perfect character, you can dive into the Eorzea’s secrets!

FFXIV Online One-Time Password

Once you’ve downloaded the client, you’ll be asked to sign in with your designated Square Enix account and password. However, you will also be informed that you require a “One-Time Password.”

From here, you’ll likely be redirected to some very confusing jargon about buying a $12 password or using an app. It’s here that things get ragequit level of annoying. The answer is simple: leave it blank and log in anyway.

The one time password is simply to offer you a more secure account. It does come with the added benefit of allowing you to designate an aetheryte of your choice as a free destination in-game, meaning you don’t incur a gil fee for transport.  If this is something you want, you can get two different options:

  • Physical: bought via Square Enix’s website for $12. 
  • App: You can download the Square Enix Software Token phone app and receive a token for free. 
Final Fantasy XIV Online dragon
Get ready for an adventure, as here there be monsters.

Final Fantasy XIV Online registration code

If you’ve downloaded the Free Trial using Steam, you may run into issues on the in-game client asking for a registration code. These are given out when someone purchases a full copy of the game, so why are you getting asked for one for your trial period?

You must ensure you’ve downloaded the Free Trial client, linked here. You will not require a registration code to sign in here.

If you’ve got the full version and are having issues logging in using the code, you need to ensure that your game is registered to your Square Enix account first. To do this:

  1. Visit the official Square Enix website and log in.
  2. Click ‘Collection.’
  3. Then choose ‘Redeem Code
  4. Type in your registration code (Steam will inform you of it in a pop up, and for physical copies it’s included with the game.)
  5. Go back to the client.
  6. Type in your registration code.
  7. Log in and you’re ready to play!

You can also do this directly using the ‘MogStation‘ and entering your redemption code.

So that’s it for navigating the treacherous world of logging into Final Fantasy XIV Online as a new player! Looking to become the best Warrior of Light? Check out our guides:

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