FFXIV leveling guide – How to level up fast in Final Fantasy 14

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As we all know, leveling up is the most important thing in FFXIV as it allows you to take on new quests, start new jobs, unlock dungeons, and more. But, in later levels especially, grinding up to the next can feel like a massive chore. Here are the best ways to level up in Final Fantasy 14.

We’ve all been there – you go to start the next story quest and it’s locked because you’re not at the right level yet. Time to grind! Thankfully, there are multiple ways to gain Experience Points in Final Fantasy XIV, many easier and less time-consuming than you’d think.

So don’t despair as you’ll be able to join a party to take on the next dungeon soon enough if you follow our FFXIV leveling guide.

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  • How to level up fast in FFXIV

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  • How to level up fast in FFXIV

    There are 13 main ways to level up quickly in Final Fantasy XIV. And if you chain them and get into a groove, you’ll be grinding out EXP like a Delivery Moogle delivering mail on steroids.

    You can start most of these from level 1 so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran looking to boost their subclass.

    Main Scenario story quests

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    Main story missions are an EXP goldmine.

    Perhaps the most obvious one, doing story quests can reward you with a mammoth amount of EXP depending on what it is. These are especially important in the beginning of the game where NPCs asking for help are everywhere you look.

    Class & Job Quests

    Every class in FFXIV has Class Quests every few levels. Not only do they unlock new moves every now and then, but they also net you a good chunk of Experience Points.

    After around level 30, you can start your Job Quests which are basically the same thing, and they award XP like no tomorrow as well.

    FFXIV Duty Roulette

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    Make sure you do your dailies!

    Ah, the Duty Roulette – every Final Fantasy 14 player’s best friend. It selects a duty at random, whether that’s a previously completed dungeon, Raid, Frontline, or a boss fight.

    Finishing your dailies rewards EXP, as well as Gil, Grand Company Seals, and more, meaning it’s the go-to system for grinding and shouldn’t be skipped out on.


    FATEs are one of the most enjoyable ways to level up. They appear at random on the map and consist of an activity that must be completed, whether that’s a boss fight, a mission, or another event.

    The reward depends on how well you perform the task, so it would be wise to bring a friend along to help get the most out of it.


    ffxiv guildleves
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    Guildleves are a quick and easy way to farm EXP.

    Guildleves are quick quests that reward a decent amount of EXP upon completion. They can be done repeatedly, provided you have enough Levequest Allowances.

    You can get six Allowances per day, with three given to you every 12 hours. They can be accepted from NPCs in settlements, as well as members of your Grand Company.


    Unlocked after completing a Guildleve for the first time, Guildhests are group quests that involve boss fights and dungeons. They are a tutorial of sorts as they focus on teaching players about a certain action or skill.

    While they may seem tedious, they do appear in the Duty Roulette, meaning you’ll get extra Experience Points for finishing them.

    FFXIV Hunting Log

    ffxiv hunting log
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    The Hunting Log is a sure-fire way to level up fast.

    The Hunting Log is one of the best ways to level up in FFXIV as you, quite literally, hunt. The Log lists enemies that you must find and slay, and then awards you with EXP once the task is done. It shows you their location and the recommended level you should be before taking them on.

    After you’ve finished a page and move up to the next rank, you’ll get a huge amount of Experience Points so make sure you do it!

    FFXIV Challenge Log

    Similar to the Hunting Log, the Challenge Log asks you to perform certain objectives, whether that’s finishing dungeons or Guildhests, or participating in PVP fights.

    It isn’t available straight away, though – it is unlocked after beating the level 15 Rising to the Challenge quest.


    ffxiv food
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    Food has an EXP bonus.

    Possibly the most overlooked and easy way of them all, consuming food should be something you do very regularly. Almost all food items give the same EXP bonus so make sure you’re stocked up and pop another one every time the effect runs out.

    Orange Juice is a popular item as it’s very inexpensive, sold for 1 Gil. Bulk buy them and keep them on hand at all times and it’s a sweet bonus alongside the mass Experience Points you get from Main Scenario quests or the Hunting Log.

    Join a FFXIV Free Company

    Free Companies in Final Fantasy XIV are basically clubs that you and other players can belong to, similar to Guilds in World of Warcraft. They are a great way of making friends and finding people to run dungeons with.

    A Free Company can also enact a buff to all its members that gives an EXP boost, so it’s worth being in one even if you’re a lone wolf.

    Item buffs

    ffxiv moogle cap
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    Select items give you a buff up to a certain level.

    Item buffs are a fantastic way of gaining an EXP bonus because all you have to do is wear it and you’ll automatically bring more in. Unfortunately, many of them are preorder bonuses for expansions so if you are late, tough luck.

    • Moogle Cap: +20% experience up to level 10 (A Realm Reborn preorder)
    • Helm of Light: +20% experience up to level 10 (A Realm Reborn collector’s edition preorder)
    • Friendship Circlet: +20% experience up to level 26 (recruit a friend to FFXIV or be recruited and stay subscribed for 30 days)
    • Brand-new Ring: +30% experience up to level 31 (complete Hall of the Novice)
    • Ala Mhigan Earrings: +30% experience up to level 51 (Stormblood preorder)
    • Aetheryte Earring: +30% experience up to level 71 (Shadowbringers preorder)
    • Menphina Earring: +30% experience up to level 80 (Endwalker preorder)

    FFXIV Rested Bonus

    The easiest way of them all to gain EXP is to log out when you’re in a Sanctuary. This will give you a stored bar of Experience Points which are awarded to you as a 50% bonus the next time you log in.

    So, there you have it! By following this guide, you should level up in no time. Interested in FFXIV? Check out everything you need to know before you start.

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