Is Golbez coming to FFXIV? Theories, rumors & more

Sam Smith
Golbez FF14

A character resembling Final Fantasy IV villain Golbez has arrived in FFXIV, but is this Knight in Black the legendary warrior? 

Final Fantasy XIV continues to go from strength to strength and its Endwalker expansion has helped to expand its already impressive player base. However, following update 6.1, the Realm Reborn may just have had a visitor from not just another time, but from another universe – Golbez, from Final Fantasy IV.

Crossovers between Final Fantasy games have happened before, even in FFXIV, although, these have usually been with more recent entries like Final Fantasy XV. Now, however, it looks like FFXIV is about to receive a blast from the past, as all evidence suggests this could indeed be Golbez.

Spoilers for Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker below.


Golbez Final Fantasy 4
Golbez is an iconic Final Fantasy character and has been used in a range of media.

Who is Golbez in Final Fantasy?

Golbez is (seemingly) the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IV and one of the strongest villains in the series. Like the best bad guys in fiction, Golbez is sympathetic and layered. He’s not just trying to be evil for the sake of it, his motivations started out as good, if not misguided.

The character shares a personal connection with FFIV’s protagonist, Cecil, and later turns out to be his older brother. Golbez is soon revealed to be possessed by an evil entity called Zemus, causing Cecil and his friends to try and free him.

At the end of FFIV, the heroes are successful and Golbez fights alongside them to rid the world of Zemus and save the crystals. He survives the events of FFIV and even returns in the sequel, The After Years, once again fighting alongside the Heroes of Light.

What makes Golbez cool is his anti-hero status in Final Fantasy. While the character typically fights against evil, Golbez is usually a wildcard who follows a very different moral code to the regular Final Fantasy good guys.

Final Fantasy XIV has been indirectly teasing connections to FFIV since the announcement of the Endwalker expansion. Every mention of the moon, or forces sleeping inside, was bound to make long-time Final Fantasy fans recall the fourth entry.

Final Fantasy games are all set in different universes, but in a shared multiverse, and characters have crossed dimensions before, Giligimesh being a prime example.

The Knight in Black
The Knight in Black takes his throne – has Golbez arrived in FFXIV?

Is Golbez coming to Final Fantasy XIV?

It seems highly likely that Golbez will be appearing in Final Fantasy XIV at some point in the future. After all, Kefka and Exdeath have already had cameos in the Omega Weapon story, however, the introduction of Golbez already seems much more significant.

Kefka (FFVI) and Exdeath (FFV) were resurrected and pulled into FFXIV from their own dimensions, then killed again by the players and sent back. However, Square-Enix looks like it’s building to something much more substantial with Golbez, who’s still alive in the FFIV universe – and no longer an antagonist.

Kefka in FF14
Kefka is the main villain of FFVI and returns in FFXIV as a raid boss.

Players who’ve completed Varshahn’s quest after update 6.1 in Endwalker will likely have seen a cutscene where an armored figure steps out of a portal and sits on a throne.

The character’s official name in FFXIV is currently just the “Knight in Black,” but he shares a striking resemblance to Golbez. The figure then listens as four thrones depicting the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind discuss war and the chance to redeem their star.

Square Enix is yet to officially confirm this figure is Golbez, but his iconic armor, plus all the other Final Fantasy IV references make it clear that the two Final Fantasy universes are about to collide.

Our theory is that Golbez is trying to save his world from some unknown evil force – and that this will lead him into conflict with the characters from FFXIV. Something in Hydaelyn is likely posing a threat to Golbez’s homeworld and he’s arrived to put a stop to it.

We imagine that much like FFIV, Golbez will serve as an antagonist at some point in FFXIV, until a greater threat is unmasked by the players. Chances are, he’ll then transition to an ally, potentially allowing players to get their hands on his armor and sword.

After all, Golbez always comes through in the end. We’ll keep you updated as and when more updates arrive from Square Enix.

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