FFXIV producer Yoshi P reveals change of strategy for 6.x story patches

Yoshi P FFXIVSquare-Enix

Final Fantasy XIV producer Yoshi-P has dropped some rather exciting bombshells when it comes to the future of FFXIV’s 6.x story updates.

Naoki Yoshida, or as he’s affectionately known in the Final Fantasy XIV community; Yoshi-P, has been interviewed by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu where he provided some rather surprising news regarding the game’s post-Endwalker content. As translated by Reddit user MKillerby, according to Yoshi P, the current story being told in Final Fantasy XIV, which started in update 6.0, will end after patch 6.5. This means the whole arc will run through the entirety of 6.x, only concluding when that does.

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Typically, every expansion in FFXIV tells a story that builds to a crescendo and concludes in the patch x.3 of any given numbered update. For example, update 5.0 started a story that concluded by update 5.3, with 5.4 building to a new story that would hint towards the next expansion. This time, however, the story will run through until 6.5, allowing 7.0 to start a new chapter of Final Fantasy XIV’s overarching narrative.

Golbez FF14Square-Enix
Will we see more of Golbez in update 6.2?

FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory story direction

It’s confusing for non-players or those new to the celebrated MMO, but for those who’ve played the game for a while, or since Endwalker, it’s sure to be exciting.

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The game’s next update, Buried Memory is only patch 6.2, meaning there’s a lot more story content to come in this arc.

Fans of Final Fantasy IV will be especially excited, as the MMO has been leaning into concepts and characters from that entry since its Endwalker expansion, and according to Yoshi P, there’s more coming. In the Famitsu interview, Yoshi teases that we’ll see the weakest of the four fiends from FFIV – which suggests the more powerful next three won’t be far behind.

We’re not 100% sure who the weakest of the fiends is at this stage, but our money is on Scarmaglione showing up as the big bad of update 6.2 Buried Memory. The only question is, will the Black Knight help the Heroes of Light or hinder them in their new quest?

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Scarmaglione in Final Fantasy 4 remakeHawlo / Square Enix
Is Scarmaglione returning to menace a new generation of Heroes of Light?

We’ll likely learn more during the Letter from the Producer event for Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memory on Friday, 12 August 2022.

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