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FFXIV server status: Are Final Fantasy XIV servers down?

Published: 22/Apr/2022 14:53

by Andrew Highton


Final Fantasy XIV is a live-service game and it means that occasionally the servers will go down for a short period of time. We’ve got full details on the cause of this and how long it could last.

Square Enix’s live-service Final Fantasy XIV model maintains a loyal base of players and does so by providing fresh content drops through updates. Endwalker added another successful batch of gameplay and the newest Deep Dungeon is already being discussed.

To successfully implement these new updates the servers sometimes need to go down. Additionally, general maintenance or server connectivity issues can all cause players to scratch their heads and wonder what’s going on.


This is why we’ve put together this handy guide which we will update when the server status of the game changes.


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Square Enix
Having connection issues with Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV server status

Servers are online.

As of April 22, 2022, to the best of our knowledge, the Final Fantasy XIV servers are fully operational. If you find that you can’t connect, then we’d attribute the problem to either your own internet connection or possibly your subscription.

As we said, if there are any changes in the server status either officially or unofficially then we’ll be on the case and update this page.

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Generally, if the servers do go down, it won’t be for long.

Additional Final Fantasy XIV server maintenance resources

To reiterate, we constantly monitor the status of the Final Fantasy XIV servers and will be updating this guide as and when anything changes.


If you want an additional source to keep an eye on just in case, then @FFXIV_NEWS_EN also provides updates on upcoming maintenance which could give you insight ahead of time.

Hopefully, this has helped you with any questions you had regarding Final Fantasy XIV’s servers, and we have more guides for the game:

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