How to Glamour in FFXIV Online

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FFXIV Glamour Guide

One of the best parts about Final Fantasy XIV Online are the glamours, but just how do you glamour in FFXIV, and how do you remove them?

There are a lot of things to love about Square Enix’s iconic MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, but one of these is the glamour system.

Attracting creative players alongside warriors who just want to look really cool, FFXIV has seen some of the most beautiful outfits we’ve ever seen – including this stunning replica of World of Warcraft’s Jaina Proudmoore.

But what exactly is a glamour in FFXIV? And how can you unlock the ability and make your own? We’ve got everything you need to know right here, including how to remove ill-conceived mistakes to save you from a fashion nightmare.


FFXIV Jaina Proudmoore glamour
Glamours can allow you to transport your favorite characters into the FFXIV universe.

What are FFXIV glamours?

For those who are new to the game, or alternatively just need a refresher, glamours are custom made outfits that are projected over whatever armor you are wearing. This means that you won’t loose any item level stats, and will be able to look good at the same time!

A whole host of fan-made outfits can be found via the Eorzea Collection, so be sure to browse the catalogue and see if you can find anything that takes your fancy.

How to unlock glamouring in FFXIV

In order to unlock glamouring in FFXIV, you’ll need to go hunting first. Thankfully your prey isn’t anything too scary; it’s just orange juice for a particularly flamboyant fashionista.

Before you visit the lady herself, though, you’ll need to have a few prerequisites sorted first. Namely, you must be Level 15 or above in order to access the quests.

If you’re all levelled up, here’s where to unlock glamours:

  1. Go to Vesper Bay (Western Thanalan)
  2. Speak to Swyrgeim
    • She can be found leaning on a wall in the Bay’s main square
  3. Obtain the quest ‘If I had a Glamour’
    • You will be asked to bring Swyrgeim Blood Orange Juice. This can be purchased in the local inn from Folclind.
  4. Give the Blood Orange Juice to Swygeim to unlock glamouring.
FFXIV Glamour guide
Every aspect of your FFXIV character can be customized with glamours.

How to glamour in FFXIV

Once you’ve gathered all of the items on Swygeim’s extensive shopping list, you’ll be able to start using your newfound skills. However, just how do you go about doing that?

  1. Go to Actions & Traits
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Choose the ‘Cast Glamour’ option
  4. Select the base item that you want to transform, then the item you want to glamour it with.
  5. Hit ‘Cast’ for the cost of one Glamour Prism.

Magnifique! Now you’re ready to do Swygeim proud and strut around Eorzea in style.

FFXIV Glamour Prisms

In order to craft yourself some new looks, you’ll need Glamour Prisms. These are essential as it’s them that project the image of your chosen outfit onto your armor.

So where can you get them? You can obtain these stunning crystals in a few different places:

  • The market board
  • From Grand Company quartermasters
  • From vendors
  • Quest rewards
  • Made by crafters who have learned the crafting recipe.
    • In order to learn the recipes yourselves, visit Goberin in Western Thanalan or Tataroga in Mor Dhona after completing Swygeim’s ‘Absolutely Glamourous’ quest.
FFXIV Glamours
Fancy becoming Eorza’s next top model? Glamours will help you get there.

The Glamour Dresser & Plates

In order to start adding new looks to your collection, you’ll need to make full use of the Glamour Dresser in your home. This can either be at an inn, or at any property you’ve bought. It’s one prism to store one item, so be sure you’ve got a few stocked up!

Items stored here can then be saved as whole outfits using Glamour Plates. Add all of your components to the plate, save it and then you can cast it to transform your armor into the saved outfit.

FFXIV: Remove glamour

If you’ve made a decision and instantly regretted it, don’t worry, there is a way to dispel any unpleasant fashion faux pas. In order to do so, you’ll need a Glamour Dispeller and 500 Gil to buy it with.

You can pick up a Dispeller from the Market Board, alongside a collection of different vendors.

So that’s it for glamours in FFXIV Online! If you’re looking to top Eorzea’s fashion charts, then all of this information is a must have, but if you’re more into slaying fearsome enemies be sure to check out our list of guides:

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