When do FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition bonuses come out? FIFA Points, TOTW & OTW

Nathan Warby
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition cover

Those who pre-ordered the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition can now drop into FUT for the first time, but they might be wondering when their free FIFA Points, TOTW player, and Ones to Watch items will arrive. Here’s when you will receive your FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition preorder bonuses.

The early days of a new Ultimate Team season can be tough, as players try and cobble together enough coins to build a starter squad or open a few packs in the hope seeing of the game’s best players walkout.

That’s why many FUT fans have opted to preorder the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. This bumper version of the game comes with a handful of preorder bonuses that help ease the transition into the new FUT season.

But when will you receive your FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition preorder bonuses?


When do I get free FIFA Points in FIFA 23?

Every preorder of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition comes with 4,600 FIFA Points, and these are available from midnight on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

This is when the Ultimate Edition was released worldwide, so the FIFA Points should be ready and waiting when you log in to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for the first time.

If they don’t appear in your account right away, don’t worry, you may have to close Ultimate Team and reenter to update them.

FIFA 23 free TOTW preorder bonus

Just like the FIFA Points, your free FIFA 23 TOTW 1 player is available from the first time you log into Ultimate Team on either console or PC.

A TOTW pack should be sat in the FUT store waiting to be opened. Again, if it’s not there right away, simply log out and back in, and it will show up eventually.

FIFA 23 free Ones to Watch preorder bonus

Players who preorder the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition will have to wait until Friday, September 30 to claim their free Ones to Watch card. While the rest of the bonuses are dished out right away, the OTW player isn’t released until the promo goes live.

The event will kick off at 6 PM BST with the first team of players hitting packs. At this point, fans will receive a pack to open on the FUT store containing one of the recently announced cards.

Unfortunately, the free OTW isn’t tradeable, but it could make a nice addition to your squad, especially if they receive multiple upgrades over the course of the season.

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