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New FIFA 22 corner exploit is actually impossible to defend

Published: 27/Jan/2022 16:52

by Nathan Warby


Set-pieces can be tough to pull off in FIFA 22, and players are always on the hunt for a method to make them easier. With this slightly unorthodox corner exploit, you’ll be punching the air every time the ball rolls out of play.

There’s nothing FIFA 22 players love more than a cheeky trick to give them an advantage over their opponent. Games in FUT Champs and Division Rivals can be incredibly tight, so knowing to score from set-pieces can be a make or break.

Deadball scenarios are extremely difficult to score from in FIFA 22, and fans have been desperately searching for cheats like the free-kick exploit. The was also the infamous corner glitch, but a patch in Title Update #4 put a stop to it.


If you’ve been left wondering what to do from corners, though, don’t worry. There’s another incredibly effective exploit that guarantees goals if you’re willing to think outside the box to score inside it.

fifa 22 corner kick
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The last corner glitch may have been patched, but this new method is just as effective.

How to do FIFA 22 corner glitch after update

  1. Call a player over and take a short corner
  2. Play a pass back to your player closest to the halfway line
  3. Knock it back to the goalkeeper
  4. From here, play the ball to the opposite wing that the corner was taken from
  5. Exploit the space to get into a crossing position
  6. Play the ball to the back post

Corners in this year’s game are a game of chance, and it’s extremely rare that simply whipping the ball into the box directly works out. This handy exploit takes advantage of the chaos a corner causes to an opposing team’s positioning.

By quickly playing the ball back to your goalkeeper from a corner, the majority of the AI players are bunched in the center, creating lots of space in wide positions. Make sure you go for the opposite wing from the side you took the corner from, as the shift in wings creates the space.


While your opponents’ team is scrambling to get back in position, you can quickly get back up the pitch, making it feel like a counter-attack even though you never lost possession. Once you approach the box, your attackers should be overloading the defenders, leaving a man spare at the back post.

From there, you know exactly what to do. Stick the ball in the back of the net and break out your best celebration.

Tired of getting counter attacked when taking a corner kick? from FIFA

This technique has the added bonus of negating the chance of being counter-attacked. Even if the move doesn’t result in a goal, by the time you take your shot, your midfielders and defenders will be back in position to keep things tight.


Also, unlike previous corner glitches, there doesn’t seem to be an effective counter method right now. As you can see in the above clip from Reddit user Kingfato, the opponent simply can’t move players to close the space fast enough.

It might take a few attempts to get the hang of, but once you do, you’ll be making the most of every corner you earn.

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