Easy FIFA 22 corner exploit lets players score unstoppable goals every time

FIFA 22 player heading ballEA SPORTS

Corners in FIFA 22 can be tough to score from, even the most prolific target men can struggle to convert from set-pieces. Luckily, there is an easy exploit to make you formidable from corners. Here’s how to do it.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players are always looking for ways to get the upper hand on their opponents, be it in FUT Champions or Division Rivals. This could mean a change of formation or a tweak to their squad’s tactics.

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Sometimes, it also means coming up with ways to catch the opposing player out from set pieces, especially corners. FIFA 22 has plenty of options to come up with corner routines, but one in particular is becoming an absolute must-know for elite players.

This exploit is really easy to pull once you know how to do it, and it is almost impossible to the rival squad to defend. If you’ve come up against it online and are wondering how it’s done – look no further.

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FIFA 22 Custom TacticsEA SPORTS
Adusting your corner tactics is key to pulling off the glitch.

How to perform FIFA 22 corner glitch

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on to do the corner glitch in FIFA 22 Ultimate team:

  1. Before a game, adjust your corner Custom Tactics to the lowest setting
  2. Win yourself a corner
  3. Call a player short and wait for them to get as close as possible
  4. You will notice another player lingering around the corner of the box
  5. Power up using the pass button and aim for the free man
  6. Take a touch and cross the ball to the back post

You can also achieve the exact same outcome by passing to the player you called short and then using them to reach the free man on the edge of the box.

In doing this, you’ll notice that one of your taller players, like a center-back or a big striker, will have a free header at goal. It isn’t quite a guaranteed goal every time, but it is certainly far more likely than simply putting the ball in the mixer straight away.

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By following the steps we outlined above, you’ll notice that you play a perfectly times ball into the box that you players will win more often than not. Something about reducing the number of players who go up for the corner, and then dragging another player towards the corner, appears to make it easy to overload the back post.

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The key to performing this glitch is timing, which is why we urge players to take their time delivering the ball into the box. If you go too early, taller players won’t have time to get the run on their markers, meaning it’s far easy for defenders to clear the ball.

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AI defenders automatically position themselves during each corner. Thanks to this, even if your opponent knows it’s coming, there is very little they can do to prevent it.

It may take a few attempts to master, but once you do, you’ll find yourself bagging from corners in every match you play.

There is a possibility that the corner glitch will be patched by EA SPORTS in a future update, as it clearly makes the set-piece more overpowered than intended. However, until then, players can celebrate winning a corner like it’s a penalty.

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