FIFA 22’s broken corner exploit is finally fixed and players are delighted

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FIFA 22 players can rejoice as the infamous broken corner glitch appears to be no more. The method that has resulted in hundreds and thousands of cheap goals has been fixed, and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players are overjoyed.

Each year, there is always something in the new release’s gameplay that can be manipulated, whether it’s a type of cross, a particular shooting angle, or something else. In FIFA 22, Ultimate Team players found out early on that if you played out a repeatable corner routine, your chances of scoring were extremely high.

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This tactic has been used at all levels across the game’s main online modes like Div Rivals and FUT Champions. However, some alterations to the gameplay mechanics and core functions have altered the A.I. These changes appear to have made the corner kick exploit impossible now.

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Hopefully, there will be no celebrations arousing from corner kick glitches.

Corner glitch booted from FIFA 22’s pitch

In FIFA 22’s Title Update #4, changes were made to the AI so that they could “mark opponents more efficiently during short corners”.

Previously, limiting your options in the box, pulling the ball short, and whipping it into the far post would completely flummox the opposition AI, pretty much giving you a free header at goal. The new and improved AI seems to have made a difference with players praising the absence of the exploit.

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One post on the FIFA subreddit asked for feedback on the newest patch, and here is a selection of comments regarding the corner exploit being fixed:

  • “Good was tired of the damn corner glitch”
  • “Love that corner glitch is patched”
  • “Corner glitch is also fixed which is cool”
  • “No ridiculous corner glitches which is the best thing”

With the corner kick meta now officially booted out of play, we wonder if another one will replace it?

After all, the tweak to the AI can mean that another opportunity can arise and take its place. E.g free-kicks were considered quite difficult to score until an easy free-kick exploit was found that made scoring them more straightforward.

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