Broken FIFA 22 free-kick exploit guarantees goals in Ultimate Team

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Players are always looking for advantages in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team to get ahead of the opposition. It seems like close-range set-pieces are about to become easier thanks to a new free kick exploit that seems to practically guarantee goals.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s two main modes are Division Rivals and FUT Champions. Each mode pits players against each other to climb up leagues, earn better rewards, and aptly, see who has the ultimate team.

This isn’t always the case though, as exploits and tricks can sometimes negate stats and provide some easy cheese that even a 99-rated player couldn’t. For instance, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has devious gameplay loopholes that allow teams to score regularly from corners, eliminating the need for a strategy at these set-pieces.

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But now, free kicks, which are generally quite tricky to benefit from in FIFA 22, have been made easier as well.

Easy free kick exploit in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team method

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It’s hard for anyone to turn down an easy goal in FIFA.

FIFA Reddit user Liver-King shared their cheeky little tactic they have used a few times to score easy free kick goals in Ultimate Team.

Across multiple set-piece situations, the player had a free kick in and around 25 yards of the box. They aimed the target cursor at the goalkeeper’s feet, fully charged up the power bar, and then added some knuckle ball technique to the shot.

The result every time was a wicked, powerful strike that deceived the keeper and went in right next to them.

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The main thing to note about this method is that you need to be playing with timed finishing on. The OP said: “Do a Knuckle shot full blast and try to yellow time or green time it.”

They also added that you have a “bigger chance of scoring if the player you’re shooting with has the power free kick trait.” So you don’t exactly have to have a Roberto Carlos at your disposal to pull off this technique, but someone with a great shot and free kick skills will help immeasurably.