Jorge Masvidal claims Jake Paul “wouldn’t be able to walk” if they fought

jorge-masvidal-jake-paul-fightInstagram: Jorge Masvidal / Jake Paul

UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal insists Jake Paul “wouldn’t be able to talk” if they fought, claiming he’d “slam him through concrete” and make him “invalid” for the rest of his life.

Masvidal and Jake started off as comrades in the lead-up to Jake’s fight against Ben Askren in April 2021.

However, their relationship soured months later in August when Masvidal predicted Tyron Woodley would knock Jake out.

The two of them have been linked to a fight ever since. Jake even pitched the idea to UFC President Dana White. It didn’t eventuate, though, with White telling Jake to fight Anderson Silva instead.

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The bad blood between them hasn’t gone away.

Masvidal spoke about it with Ariel Helwani during an episode of The MMA Hour. He claimed that although fighting Jake isn’t in his plans, it could happen down the track.

Jorge Masvidal with Jake PaulInstagram: gamebredfighter / YouTube: ESPN MMA
Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul’s friendship has seemingly deteriorated.

“Right now, where I’m at in my career, I’m going to fight the world’s best fighters in the world. We can both agree that they’re in the f**king UFC,” said Masvidal. 

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“Those other options will always be there. But right now, while I’m in my prime, I have to do things that people in their prime do, and that’s fight the world’s best.

“[Jake Paul] is not in that conversation, or ever will be.”

Masvidal admitted he’d be open to fighting him in the future, though.

“When I am done beating up world-class fighters, this bum will still be around. I’m going to collect a quick paycheck for hitting him so f**king hard in front of the whole world.”

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However, he believes the gap between them is insurmountable.

“I can always pick this little kid up and slam him through the concrete so hard that he will be invalid for the rest of his life. He wouldn’t be able to walk.”

A fight between Masvidal and Paul might not happen anytime soon though. Although it hasn’t been made official yet, Jake’s next opponent is reportedly set to be Tommy Fury.

There are plenty of other rumors floating around, too. Jake has been linked to a fight against Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, and more.

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Masvidal is another candidate to add to the list. However, it’s a fight that fans would love to see.

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