Jake Paul hits back at Floyd Mayweather & Gervonta Davis over “clown” jokes

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather talking to camera

Social media star Jake Paul has hit back at Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis after boxing star Davis called took some shots at his upcoming opponent using Jake’s name.

For years now, YouTubers have been settling their differences inside the ring with highly-anticipated amateur bouts. Though, some have gone much further than that.

Jake Paul, and his brother Logan, ditched the amateur status to have professional bouts, with Jake racking up a 4-0 record, while Logan is 0-1 – with his draw against Floyd Mayweather not counting on the official records.

Since his brother’s bout with Floyd, Jake has been trying to get the boxing icon to get into the ring with him, revealing that an offer had been put forward at one point, and there’s been plenty of trash talk from the pair. Though, boxing star Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, a Mayweather fighter, has now also got involved.

Jake Paul made eight figure payday tyron woodley
Paul’s been making a substantial amount of money from his boxing endeavors.

During the press conference for his upcoming fight with Rolando Romero, Davis took the opportunity to fire some shots at Jake by labeling Romero as a “clown” and “a Jake Paul.”

It didn’t take long for the YouTuber to weigh in on the comments, using them as a way to taunt Floyd in the process. “Dear Floyd, IF you can read this, please tell your puppet Gervonta to leave my name out of his mouth,” he started.

“This clown makes double your purse in my 4th fight.. this clown double’s your PPV buys.. and is double your height. Gervonta should’ve fought me in kindergarten when we were the same height,” Jake added, mocking Tank’s height by putting together a photo of himself as a kid and one of the boxing star at his press conference.

Jake’s posts were not finished there, however, as he once again went back to the well with another photoshop. This time, it was of Davis and Mayweather on the poster for the movie ‘Step Brothers’ but the title had been changed to ‘Stutter Brothers’ to mock their speech impediments.

While Jake and Davis are unlikely to square off, the YouTuber seems determined to goad Mayweather into a bout with his constant trash talk.

It’s something he’s also done towards Conor McGregor, which got the UFC icon to soften his stance on fighting Jake or Logan as he admitted he had become open to it.

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