Jake Paul KO’s Ben Askren in first round to win Triller Fight Club

Jake Paul beats Ben Askren in boxingTriller Fight Club

Ben Askren and Jake Paul finally squared off in the ring after months of build-up and hype, and Paul shocked the world with an explosive knock-out shot that floored Askren in the first round.

The fight had barely started before Jake Paul put an end to it. It was a slow start from both corners, with Snoop Dogg and the other announcers laughing at Ben’s “little baby hands” and “old-school 1940’s” approach.

However, Paul turned up the heat with a calculated, aggressive, and menacing fighting style and got the job done earlier than he predicted. He dished out an impressive one-two combo, starting with a jab to break the guard and following it up with a stellar right-hook.

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Askren immediately fell like a sack of potatoes, much like he did against Jorge Masvidal in their historic UFC bout. He hit the ground hard and scrambled around for a moment, trying to figure out what happened.

But despite that, he still managed to stand up, get back into his fighter stance, and looked almost ready to go. However, the referee ultimately determined he could no longer fight and ended it then and there.

The unexpected win pushes Jake to 3-0 in his boxing career, having taken down Nate Robinson and AnEsonGib before this.

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He made quick work of an elite fighter who many believed would be his first real test even though he thrived in a different code.

Nobody saw it coming. Well, everybody except Snoop Dogg, who had a whopping $2 million on Paul to win.

Jake Paul KO's Ben AskrenTriller Fight Club
Jake Paul danced all over Ben Askren in their short-lived fight.

A disappointed Ben Askren apologized to his fans on Twitter with a short “Sorry world.”

Many hoped he would put an end to Jake’s professional boxing run, and he failed to deliver. But he’ll still be going home with a hefty $500,000 paycheque for his efforts.

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Jake hasn’t called anyone else out yet. In the meantime, he’ll sit back, relax, and enjoy the spoils of war.