Jake Paul explains why fighting Anderson Silva would be “lose-lose” for him

Alex Garton
Jake Paul Anderson Silva

After being asked about a potential fight with Anderson Silva, Jake Paul expressed concern that the MMA Hall of Famer may be too old to get in the ring with him.

After defeating Tyron Woodley via split decision on August 29, fight fans are starting to speculate who Jake Paul will be taking on next in his boxing career.

While a back and forth between the Problem Child and Tommy Fury suggests that could be the next bout, Anderson Silva’s knockout victory against Tito Ortiz has thrown more names into the hat.

Following the win, Silva even revealed in an interview that he wouldn’t be opposed to taking on either of the Paul brothers.

So, when Jake Paul appeared on MMA Fight hour, Ariel Helwani took the time to ask if he if was interested in taking on the MMA Legend.

Jake Paul Boxing
Jake Paul is undefeated so far in his boxing career.

Jake Paul concerned Anderson Silva may be too old to fight him

On the September 13 MMA Hour podcast, Ariel Helwani asked Jake Paul if he was interested in taking on Anderson Silva in his next bout.

In response, Paul didn’t dismiss the possibility and even showed an incredible amount of respect to the MMA Hall of Famer, but he did voice his concern about Silva’s age.

Paul explained that he doesn’t want fight fans making the excuse that he’s just fighting “old guys” to pad his record, so fighting Silva could create a lose-lose situation for him.

“There’s a thing about Jake Paul fighting old guys and retired guys,” he said. “If I was to fight Anderson Silva, everyone would just be like oh it’s just another old guy when I beat him, so it’s kinda like a lose-lose situation”.

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It’s obvious Paul wants to make a statement with his next fight and take on a name that’s still present in the sport to prevent fans from making excuses.

That suggests a boxer like Tommy Fury could be the clear candidate when it comes to picking Paul’s next opponent. However, Paul has said he’s open to taking on Silva if he goes through certain tests, so it’s definitely not out of the question.

Either way, there’s no doubt Paul is attempting to increase the difficulty with every fight, so it’ll be interesting to see who he decides to take on next.