Conor McGregor open to fighting “dingbats” Logan & Jake Paul

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MMA legend Conor McGregor surprised many by not outright shutting out the possibility of fights with YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul. Instead, the Irish millionaire suggested that he could have bouts with the “dingbats” one day.

In the past, McGregor has seemed to be steadfast in his unwillingness to dabble in fights with either of the Paul brothers. But, as discussed ahead of his third bout with Dustin Poirier, that tone seems to have changed.

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Speaking with’s Nick Walshaw, McGregor was asked about the possibility of the Paul brothers making a ringside appearance during his upcoming fight. After assuring that their presence doesn’t interest him, the fighter discussed the possibility of future in-ring matches with the two infamous brothers. 

Interestingly, this conversation marks the first time that McGregor has seemingly been open to the idea of a fight with the Paul brothers. But that doesn’t mean he believes it’s likely.

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When Walshaw asked McGregor about the Paul brothers coming to watch the Poirier fight, McGregor was immediately dismissive: “I couldn’t care about them two dingbats.”

Pressed further on whether he could ever fight against either of the Pauls, McGregor began by saying it’s unlikely before cutting himself off and considering the possibility: “Never say never. If they’re gonna keep competing, who knows?”

Logan Paul Travel Laws KSI CollabInstagram: Logan Paul
Logan looks pretty strong these days, but McGregor still isn’t impressed.

With Logan fighting Floyd Mayweather most recently and Jake fighting Ben Askren in his last fight, the Paul brothers are certainly upping the ante with their competitors.

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A McGregor fight would most certainly break the internet, so there’s no surprise that both brothers seem keen on the idea.

For McGregor though, he’s adamant that it would take a lot for him to fight either “dingbat.” If he beats Poirier, more serious bouts likely await. If he loses, then perhaps the allure of a big influencer pay day may entice him. He definitely doesn’t seem as opposed to it as he used to be.

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