How to buy Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Hydration sports drink

How to buy Logan Paul and KSI Prime Hydration drinkInstagram: drinkprime

Former rivals Logan Paul and KSI have released their very own collaborative sports drink, ‘Prime Hydration.’ Here’s how you can get your hands on the beverage.

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI were once the internet’s most bitter enemies. The two popularized the concept of ‘influencer boxing,’ and finally quashed their years-long beef in the boxing ring.

Two years after their final match in 2019, the social media moguls have effectively put their rivalry behind them.

Now, they’re working together to create a sports drink that is coming to stores across the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime
Logan Paul and KSI have joined forces to create a new sports beverage years after their infamous boxing rivalry was put to rest.

Where to buy Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Hydration drink

According to the YouTubers, Prime Hydration will be available to purchase in the following stores in the United States:

On May 11, 2022, Prime Hydration announced its UK launch on Twitter and Instagram alongside a new flavor — Ice Pop. The launch sold out just minutes after the company tweeted the link out.

Since then, they have released another flavor called ‘Meta Moon,’ which, according to the influencers, defies all description.

Prime Hydration UK sell outDrinkPrime
The UK launch sold out of all six flavors in just 13 minutes.

On June 16, KSI and Logan Paul announced that Prime would finally be making its way into ASDA stores across the UK.

The two internet stars announced that Watford and Leyton stores would receive the drink first, specifically for a special meetup the next day. Fortunately for fans, KSI later revealed that all ASDA stores would have Prime on their shelves in the following weeks.

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Prime will also be stocked in Aldi stores across the country from December 29, with 300 bottles per store being available as part of a Specialbuy. Fans will be able to get their hands on Ice Pop, Blue Rasberry and Lemon Lime flavors. 

UK (May arrive in the future):

  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Many more

In October 2022, KSI claimed that due to rising demand, fans will soon be able to get Prime “everywhere” in the UK as the company has increased production.

Logan Paul & KSI release Prime Hydration Sticks

In September 2022, Logan Paul unveiled Prime Hydration flavor packets as part of the brand’s lineup.

According to Logan, the Hydration Sticks contain two grams of sugar and 20 calories. Currently, they are available in four flavors and can be purchased both online and in stores.

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What is in Prime Hydration?

The YouTubers claimed that their biggest goals for their collaborative bev are taste and hydration. Logan Paul revealed that their drink is made up of 10% coconut water and boasts 825 milligrams of electrolytes.

This marks the second time these influencers have linked up after KSI appeared in an episode of Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast last year, as well as featuring in promotional materials for Paul’s bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul KSI announce prime hydrationInstagram: Logan Paul, drinkprime
Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration is available at stores across the U.S. and the UK.

The two initially teased an announcement for January 4 called ‘The Final Chapter,’ leading fans to believe that another boxing match was in the works. Instead, the duo are joining forces for a major business venture, hoping to compete with big drink brands like Coke, Pepsi, Gatorade and more.

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Their unexpected collab certainly seems to have been a success so far, as fans continue to purchase the in-demand beverage.

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