KSI explains why it’s impossible to buy PRIME drink in the UK

British YouTube star KSI has explained why it’s impossible to buy his PRIME hydration drink in the UK at the moment.

Earlier this year, former rivals KSI and Logan Paul joined forces — revealing their new hydration drink PRIME to their millions of fans, and it’s fair to say it was a hit.

While the likes of MrBeast had their doubts about the drink, it sold out across the U.S. pretty quickly after launch. Furthermore, thousands of excited fans even lined up outside stores for its debut in the UK.

However, even though there’s enough supply, KSI has explained why it’s almost impossible to get your hands on PRIME at the moment.

KSI explains why it’s impossible to find PRIME

During an episode of The Fellas podcast, the British entertainer got on the topic of PRIME, where he explained why it’s so hard to find the drink in stores.

“It’s always sold out man. Honestly, people are selling it on the black market,” he claimed. “I sh*t you not, the only place you’re meant to get PRIME is Asda and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations!

“Asda employees aren’t even f**king putting it on the shelves anymore. They’re shipping it out lowkey. They’re like ‘what’s the point, I put it on the shelf and it’s gone instantly. F**k it, I’m just going to sell it on the black market myself.'”

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He finished: “That’s what they’re doing bro, and then people are making p’s from it because you can’t get it anywhere! It’s not like we’re not supplying enough, we’re supplying loads!”

It’s been made even harder to find PRIME on the shelves, as fan-made tracker app, which actively tracks 2,204 stores in the UK, has been taken down after a removal request from PRIME’s parent company.

The drink has even been banned from schools in the UK, as students had begun selling them. In response, KSI offered schools an entire “truckload” of PRIME for students who weren’t allowed to have it.

PRIME has expanded beyond just the general beverage, with another product in the form of flavor packets labeled ‘Hydration Sticks.

Hopefully, it’ll get easier for fans to get their hands on the drink as time goes on, but the popularity is certainly rising.