Good Week, Bad Week: Olivia Rodrigo’s merch slammed, Corinna Kopf’s OF makes $4mil

Georgina Smith
Corinna Kopf and Olivia Rodrigo in Good Week, Bad Week template
Instagram: Corinna Kopf / YouTube: Olivia Rodrigo

As tension over Battle of the Platforms continues, Austin McBroom remains firmly in the firing line. Meanwhile, Olivia Rodrigo fans are calling out her merch team over poor quality products.

Streaming fans will have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks with Bella Poarch teasing her new music video featuring some famous faces from the streaming world. Corinna Kopf is also finding success in her endeavors, earning an enormous amount on Only Fans so far.

But not every influencer has had a great week this week.

Good Week: Corinna Kopf rakes in over $4 million on OnlyFans

YouTuber, Facebook Gaming streamer and Instagram star Corinna Kopf is adding to her already bursting six-figure income with a jaw-dropping payout from OnlyFans, as revealed during a David Dobrik Vlog this past week.

Kopf, who signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming in late 2019, joined OnlyFans in June 2021 — and managed to rake in $1 million in her first month on the platform.

Now, a little over two months later, Kopf has more than doubled her income, claiming she made $4.2 million as of August.

Corinna Kopf poses for an instagram photo
Instagram: CorinnaKopf
Corinna has over 5 million followers on Instagram

That’s not all; she also claimed she scored $165,000 for a single photo. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

In March, Kopf revealed that she was making six figures a month with her combined revenue streams, and has reportedly made $100,000 a month from Instagram, alone. Considering her latest monetary success, Kopf might just be one of the richest influencers out there right now, and there’s no telling what’s in store for her next.

Bad Week: Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR merch slammed on TikTok

‘Driver’s License’ singer Olivia Rodrigo might be the internet’s darling, but her merchandise is coming under intense scrutiny after it failed to live up to fans’ expectations.

Earlier this past week, fans took to social media to show off the merch they’d bought to support Rodrigo. One fan noted that the letter-block, clothes-pin earrings she’d purchased had actually misspelled the word ‘SOUR’ from the singer’s new album to read ‘SUOR.’

Still, others uploaded several trending videos showcasing the contrast between what was advertised and what they actually received, with some of the differences being quite stark — not only boasting a totally different color than what was on the website, but even a completely different cut.

Olivia Rodrigo and Sour Merch
Instagram: Olivia Rodrigo/TikTok: mayafraserphoto
Fans were unhappy with Olivia’s merch team.

This latest outrage comes amid scrutiny relating to singer/songwriter Courtney Love, who uploaded an Instagram post comparing the SOUR album cover to that of Hole’s ‘Live Through This.’

Rodrigo appeared to dodge scrutiny over the matter during an interview with GQ, replying, “To be honest, I’m just flattered that Courtney Love knows that I exist.”

Rodrigo has yet to respond to the backlash surrounding her merchandise at the time of writing.

Good Week: Bella Poarch teases new music video

With over 77 million followers on TikTok, influencer Bella Poarch is one of the platform’s most popular stars. Like many other influencers, Bella went on to launch a music career, releasing her first single ‘Build a B*tch’ on May 14.

The track was a resounding success, and along with going viral on TikTok now has over 265 million YouTube hits.

Notably, Bella brought on several popular online personalities to participate in the music video, including streamer Valkyrae, and it looks like she plans to have a project filled with familiar faces again after teasing her upcoming single.

Content warning: The following may be distressing for some readers

On August 5 she teased a project with Sub Urban through a video on Twitter. The short clip takes place in a hotel, and fans immediately spotted that the hotel staff is played by Twitch stars Adin Ross, Disguised Toast, Tommyinnit, and Ludwig, leading to a hugely excited reaction from fans.

Bella has explained she is a victim of sexual assault, and that the song and video are based on “how I wished my experience went.”

The track titled ‘Inferno’ will be released on August 13.

Bad Week: Austin McBroom sued by Tayler Holder over Battle of the Platforms

Although the June 12 YouTubers vs TikTokers event proved to be an entertaining night for many, the weeks following the event have been filled with drama after it was revealed that fighters and other staff had not been paid for their participation in the event.

Initially, headline fighter and YouTuber Austin McBroom, who is also rumored to own part of Social Gloves, revealed that SGP was suing streaming partner LiveXLive for withholding funds.

LiveXLive then went on to sue Austin and Social Gloves for $100 million for misrepresenting the event to them.

Now, TikToker Tayler Holder who fought AnEsonGib in the event has confirmed he’s also suing Austin and SGP over the event.

“We trained hard & fought hard. A lot of people didn’t get paid including our coaches. We won’t stop fighting,” he said in a tweet.

The situation is escalating further each week, but it’s not clear what the ultimate resolution to the issue will be.

With the release of Bella Poarch’s new single ‘Inferno’ planned for August 13, social media will no doubt be an exciting place to be over the next week for fans of her and the cast of her video.