Clix left stunned as Corinna Kopf reveals how much money she makes

Corinna Kopf next to ClixInstagram: corinnakopf / Twitter: ClixHimself

Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod was left stunned in the middle of a recent Fortnite stream with Corinna Kopf as the social media celebrity revealed her typical monthly income.

When it comes to raking in the big bucks, certain personalities on the internet have it better than others. While Clix might be one of the world’s most popular Fortnite pros, even he was left shocked upon hearing what Kopf takes home in an average month.

From exclusive streaming deals with Facebook to sponsored posts on Instagram, she’s set herself up with multiple streams of revenue. But just how much does it all add up to in a typical month?

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The 25-year-old revealed her standard income in the midst of a Fortnite session with NRG’s Clix. It’s safe to say he was blown away, despite his own earnings.


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“Clix, I know that you make a ton of money,” Kopf said to kickstart the conversation. “You’re making high six-figures if not seven-figures a year,” she explained to thousands of viewers watching live across Facebook and Twitch.

Turning the question back on her, Clix simply asked “how much money” Kopf makes in comparison. “Should I just tell you exactly how much I make every month? I make six-figures a month… that’s all I’ll ever say.”

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“How many? You’re f***ing joking,” Clix responded. “That’s more than 100K a month…do you know how much money that is?” No stranger to major tournament wins and exclusive streaming deals of his own, even the young Fortnite star was flabbergasted by her income.

“Just today on stocks… I made $74,000 today on the stock market,” she added. While not every day is a guaranteed win when it comes to stocks, the money appears to be piling in Kopf’s portfolio.

What came as another surprise to Clix, sponsored posts aren’t even her top earner in 2021. In fact, Kopf revealed that she “[makes] less money on sponsors than [she does] on everything else.”

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There are no signs of slowing down for the popular social media figure either. This calendar year could be on track to be her most profitable yet.