Bella Poarch teases new music video featuring Ludwig, Adin Ross & Tommyinnit

Bella Poarch new music video stars ludwig adin rossInstagram: Adin Ross, Bella Poarch, Ludwig Ahgren

Coming fresh off the success of ‘Build a Bitch,’ TikTok star Bella Poarch has released a teaser for her upcoming music video ‘Inferno’ — and it features a whole slew of Twitch streaming gods.

Bella Poarch has become a huge name in the social media world over the past year. Initially finding fame by creating the most-liked video on TikTok, Poarch went on to dive into the music biz with her very first song ‘Build a Bitch’ nearly a year later.

Build a Bitch was met with high acclaim from listeners and smashed a few major milestones on Spotify and Billboard as a result. The music video for Poarch’s feminist anthem also featured an impressive cast of influencers, including ZHC, Bretman Rock and even Valkyrae.

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It looks like Poarch is bringing her connections in the social media sphere to the set of her new music video, ‘Inferno,’ which she teased in a Twitter video on July 5, 2021.

Content warning: This article main content content that is distressing for some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The short clip shows a lavishly dressed Bella Poarch entering a hotel and grabbing a few drinks at a bar while being chatted up by an overly-talkative male patron. However, the tone of the video soon takes a dark turn, as Poarch is seen being escorted from the bar into an elevator by two strange men before the clip abruptly ends.

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The bellhops and other hotel staff are played by none other than Twitch stars Adin Ross, Disguised Toast, Tommyinnit, and Ludwig — and, of course, fans are freaking out, causing the clip to go viral across Twitter.

While fans are understandably losing their minds over this unprecedented casting, Poarch explained that the message behind her music video is a serious one.

In a tweet reply, the music artist explained that she is a victim of sexual assault, and that her song and video are an expression of how she “wished my experience went.”

“It’s a fantasy I wish was true,” she said of the project.

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Sub Urban will also feature in the production — not a huge surprise, considering Poarch also starred in his ‘Cirque’ music video earlier this year.

Poarch’s ‘Inferno’ is set to release on August 13.