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Does Austin McBroom own Social Gloves? YouTuber under fire after fighters not paid

Published: 28/Jun/2021 13:54

by Jacob Hale


It’s being alleged that the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom owns Social Gloves, the company that ran the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, and he’s coming under fire after fighters have reported not being paid amid PPV struggles.

A number of fighters from the YouTubers vs TikTokers event, as well as their friends, have claimed that they’ve not been paid in the aftermath. Social Gloves have said they’re “working tirelessly” to make sure fighters who haven’t been paid, such as Vinnie Hacker, will get their money.

Obviously, Social Gloves isn’t exactly a well-established promotion in the boxing world, with the likes of Triller Fight Club more popular in the influencer boxing world.


Now, it’s becoming clear that there’s more than meets the eye with Social Gloves.

Tana Mongeau accuses McBroom of owning Social Gloves

For the most part, nobody was really talking much about Social Gloves until it became apparent that fighters weren’t being paid. This comes after the Battle of the Platforms allegedly only made 136,000 PPV sales — a long way off the expected 500,000.

Tana said it’s “no surprise” that fighters aren’t getting paid considering McBroom “owns most of Social Gloves.” McBroom responded saying that Tana is “speaking on sh*t she doesn’t know about” and that “a lawsuit is happening and it’s not with Social Gloves.”


He doesn’t confirm or deny any ownership stake in the company.

Social Gloves trademark belongs to McBroom’s company

While Austin himself hasn’t spoken publicly about any ownership in Social Gloves, a quick search in the United States Patent and Trademark Office directory shows that Social Gloves is owned by a McBroom-owned company.

The owner of the Social Gloves trademark is Ace Hat Collection, Inc. The CEO of Ace Hat Collection, Inc. is, of course, the Ace Family’s Austin McBroom, with wife Catherine listed as a secretary.

Obviously, this ties the company with McBroom and, ultimately, puts the pressure of unpaid competitors into his hands. Whether there are more stakeholders involved is unclear.


So it seems as though Austin definitely holds ownership in Social Gloves, and now the question is whether he will address the situation head-on.