MrBeast rents entire NFL stadium & hires FBI for craziest hide and seek game ever

Georgina Smith
MrBeast standing in a stadiumYouTube: MrBeast

MrBeast has taken his YouTube content to the next level by hiring an entire NFL stadium as part of the craziest game of hide and seek with an FBI agent.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is known for his wild and often high-cost YouTube videos, and with over 66 million subscribers on his main channel alone, not to mention his side channels, he is one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform.

Whether that’s giving away huge amounts of money or gifts like cars and houses away to fans, or creating insane challenges for him and his friends to take part in, Jimmy does it all.

MrBeast in an Instagram pictureInstagram: mrbeast
MrBeast is known for his crazy YouTube challenges.

In one video with over 69 million views, the YouTuber hired an actual bounty hunter to chase him. For his latest August 8 video, he’s gone one step further, and hired an FBI agent to try and hunt him down in a large-scale game of hide and seek.

After tying his friends and the agent up, Jimmy took off running, and lead the group through a complex maze, before dressing up as an old man and hiding in a store.

He went on to take off in a private jet to escape the agent, and even led them all to a private island on a boat. While they came close to catching him several times, Jimmy still managed to escape them every time.

Amazingly, he even went as far as to rent an entire NFL stadium as part of the chase, and took over the big screens with a video of him saying “you’ll never find me in this stadium” which was waiting for the group when they arrived.

Although he attempted to blend in with the countless mannequins he placed there, the agent ultimately managed to find Jimmy, and won the whopping $100,000 prize money as a result.

The video has already managed to garner over 11 million views within just one day of being posted, and there’s no doubt that the view count will continue to rise.